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Vintage Vibes or Modern Marvels: What Kind of Bride are You?

As your wedding day nears, will your bridal style channel vintage romance or modern minimalism? From your lehenga to decor to entertainment, discover whether your big day leans more nostalgic or contemporary.

By Gayathri JainPublished about a month ago 3 min read

You’ve been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little girl. As that magical date approaches, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is determining your bridal style. Will you channel timeless elegance with a touch of nostalgia? Or embody contemporary cool with sleek, modern details? As you pin down the aesthetic for your big day, keep reading to discover whether your bridal vibe skews more vintage or mod.

The Venue

When envisioning your ceremony and reception, are you imagining exchanging vows in a centuries-old temple or banquet hall with intricate stonework and sprawling gardens? Or does a chic urban rooftop with sleek furnishings and skyline views appeal more? Historic, ornate spaces often lend themselves better to vintage décor, while modern venues call for contemporary accents.

The Dress

The most important detail of them all: that showstopping wedding lehenga! When you picture yourself walking down the aisle, are you dressed in a ornate lehenga adorned with extensive beadwork, embroidery and regal fabrics like silk or velvet? Or do you prefer a minimalist lehenga in a crepe or georgette fabric with clean lines and modern accents like cutouts or asymmetry?

The Jewelry

Jewelry completes any bridal look. Brides with a vintage vibe tend to accessorize with heirloom statement pieces like a necklace passed down from generations before. For modern brides, sleek styles like diamond studs or a simple pendant necklace better complement the pared-down aesthetic.

The Theme

As you select décor, cake designs, signage, invitations and more, a cohesive theme brings all the details together beautifully. Vintage themes include Timeless Elegance with candlelight, roses, classic band and monogram details. Garden Romance, meanwhile, overflows with floral arrangements, greenery accents, chinoiserie prints and elements from nature. For the contemporary bride, modern themes range from Black Tie Soirée with gilded accents to Winter Wonderland with icy blue and silver hues.

The Photography

Want your wedding photos to capture Old World romance? Go for a vintage editorial approach with poses, lighting and processing that exudes timeless charm. Prefer an emphasis on fashion-forward style? A modern photography style with clean, bright images and creative compositions will beautifully highlight your sleek details.

The Cake

Your wedding cake provides the pièce de résistance on the dessert table. A vintage bride may swoon over a classic white buttercream confection with romantic flowers and sweeping frosting. The modern minimalist, on the other hand, stays true to her sleek style with an unfrosted naked cake or elegantly simple single-tier style.

The Entertainment

Music and dances set the tone for any fabulous wedding fête! Old school tracks, jazz standards and nostalgic Bollywood beats have guests jumping onto the dance floor in vintage style. For modern brides, EDM remixes, high energy dances and aerial silk acrobatics take the entertainment to new heights.

The Favors

These small gifts for your guests serve as the perfect representation of you as a couple. Vintage-inspired favors include scented soap bars tied with ribbon, jars of homemade marmalade or vintage keychains. If a contemporary track reflects your modern mindset, mini succulents, gourmet cookies and gold-foil-stamped chocolates make chic gifts.

Tying It All Together

Whether your bridal style leans more nostalgic or now, the most important thing is infusing your wedding day with personal touches that tell your love story. And remember, you don’t have to stick to just vintage or strictly modern either. Many brides beautifully blend both aesthetics for a timeless celebration with modern ease and elegance. At the end of the day, embrace your unique vision to craft an unforgettable fete that showcases what makes you and your groom shine.

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