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Top 10 Mother-Of-The-Bride Hairstyle Ideas

by Kristina 2 years ago in fashion and beauty

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The day your daughter gets married is a very emotional and joyful one, and you must stand out. You've got your dress, makeup, shoes, accessories to look great, but there's one more thing—your hair! Let's help out with your hair by introducing to you, some of the most gorgeous mothers of the bride hairstyles.

You're the mother of the bride and you must look the part, but the idea isn't to upstage the bride. From the intricately detailed to the easy hairstyles for mom, see below 10 hairstyles for the mother of the bride.

1. Classic low ponytail

A classic low ponytail is one of the hairstyles for mom that blends with any dress code or wedding theme. It's an easy hairstyle which doesn't need too much fussing. Simply moisturize and flat iron your hair, spray in gel if necessary and pack into a low ponytail. Accessorize with cute hair packers or roll a hand full of your hair around the ponytail.

2. Sophisticated pixie cut

Looking at wedding hairstyles that stay cute, but doesn't stress you out? Get a sophisticated pixie cut. You can do this month before the wedding, keeping it conditioned and moisturized. The beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that it's very flexible. You can rock it to the office, get together, a formal wedding, and a reception at the club and even after the party. This one multipurpose hairstyle.

3. Full bouncy waves

If you're preparing for a formal occasion and you've got really full hair, go bouncy waves. Tongue your hair into mock victory rolls waves and leave them flying free. This hairstyle goes best for people with medium length hair. This is because bouncy waves running down your back can be quite distracting. Moisturize and add hair serum to give weight.

4. Old Hollywood glam Bob

Moms with medium length hair, most times don't know what to do with their hair. Well, there's a lot you can do with it, and this Bob is one. Take it back to the old Hollywood which oozes sophistication and class. This bob hairstyle is easy but impressive and perfect for formal weddings.

5. Exaggerated ballerina bun

This is one of the easiest DIY hairstyles for mother-of-the-bride. Absolutely perfect for a sophisticated wedding at a formal venue. It suits all face shapes and is easy to put together. Roll your hair into a fat ballet bun and hold firm with pins. In the case where your hair isn't voluminous or lengthy enough, fill in with hair extensions matching your hair type.

6. Charismatic bangs

One for pulling attention to your eyes, and earrings? Go for wedding hair with bangs. Not the regular bangs, but one with some attitude. Pull up your hair into a tousled up-do and pin in place. Pull out your bangs, moisturize and blow-dry. Take your hands through them or use a tiny pomade to move the tips to both sides of your face. And you're good to go.

7. Voluminous kinked deep side part

This is a statement hairstyle for moms of color, blessed with the nappy hair goodness. Naturally full and curly hair, unburden them of pins and let them fly free. Condition properly to infuse softness, then spray in some sheen to regain its luster. Give the curly volume a deep side part, so that the crown of your head is full and dropping sideways. People who do not have such volume can also rock the hairstyle, by filling in with curly virgin hair extensions.

8. Full sleek waves

Sleek waves are elegant hairstyles for the mother of the bride. Asides from the fact that they're status appropriate, they are also flexible. They suit perfectly for any kind of wedding. Get yourself a curling wand and take it through your hair. Moisturize, add some sheen and run your hands through them. If your hair isn't full, think extensions.

9. Deep straight bone hairstyle

For moms who already impressive ensembles and pieces of jewelry, bring the simplicity to your hair. Less is more, and when you've done the most with your outfit, let your hair have some calm. Leave your hair stretched with a deep center part. It quite elegant and sophisticated, bringing attention to your face and neck. It also lets your make up shine through, and adds a smart flair to your overall outfit. This gives you that ultra-polished appearance.

10. Double braided hairstyle

Is your daughter having a beach themed or bohemian-inspired wedding? Then double braided hair for the wedding is perfect. Braid some hair into twists on each side of your head and join up at the nape of your neck. Allow some wisp of hair free at each side to frame your face. It gives off the romantic and whimsical vibe of the atmosphere.

Every mom regardless of her personality will find the perfect hair for the wedding in this post. You deserve to stand out!

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