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The Eyes Of My Lover

the eyes tell all

By Madame Velvet RosePublished 3 months ago 3 min read

My loves eyes are like sparkly water, that when you look into them it makes you smile and makes you tingle inside with all the love you feel when you stare into them. when our eyes meet I instantly feel our connection and makes me feel so good and warm, I fall in love all over again! eyes tell a story, tells feeling and they can show so much passion. the eyes of my lover are like the beautiful fall leaves that are beautifully brown beautiful to look at always. The eyes of my lover is like sitting in the warm sun because they make me feel all warm and cuddly inside! His eyes when he looks at me is full of love and warmth! His eyes are like a big cuddle bear because when he looks at me they show so much care. When are eyes meet we see a continuous beautiful life and future together! his eyes are not just ordinary eyes he uses those eyes to capture beautiful things, to provide and work hard for us! He uses those eyes to see all the beauty and amazing things around. He uses those eyes to help and bring ideas to life, to make music, to have fun with me, to play games and watch movies with me, To make beautiful memories with me and to do things together! His eyes are the most magical eyes ever, I’m so lucky to be the one to look and see those eyes for a lifetime. To see them light up anytime he is excited and passionate! When I get all dressed up for date nights to see the smile in his eyes when he sees me! His eyes will forever make me smile. Eyes can talk, they can connect. They can show love, eyes are so important and another beautiful part of the body. Take time to connect with your partner someone your passionate about. Your eyes are so important in any relationship you have. Take time to stare and look into your partners eyes don’t let time, work or anything make you put looking into your lovers eyes on the back burner. Bonding time with your lover is so important. A lot of people take that time for granted, some let it slip away. Make what your passionate about first your partner and your hobby! Like I said eyes are another beautiful part of your body don’t take time for granted enjoy all the looks from your lover! let their eyes speak to you, because there eyes can speak, they can give compliments you just have to look deeper. Eyes are more than part of your body they are apart of you. They can tell you things by the way you look at yourself! Always look, never neglect! Take time with your partner. Eyes tell a story, take time and look into your partners eyes. No talking just looking. eyes are magical,they are important, they are special cherish eyes, cherish what you and your love see. Your eyes can write a memory that you will remember for a lifetime. fancy each other in the words of Ed Sheeran, your eyes will help you do just that. your eyes write your love story, gives details that you and your partner will forever remember. Take in your lovers eyes, study them, fancy them, admire them. They are beautiful don’t take it for grant. The eyes of my lover is like a fire burning with passion and love for me. I’ll never take my loves eyes for granted. And nether should you! Cherish every minute!


About the Creator

Madame Velvet Rose

I’m a burlesque performer, I have so much knowledge and inspiration to give. My stories are relatable and will be told beautifully.

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  • Test3 months ago

    This is a beautifully written and evocative piece of writing

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