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Love lane.

By Nsangobong Friday Published about a month ago 3 min read
Photo by Yanapi Senaud on Unsplash

In a world where shadows often fall,

And whispers echo in secret halls,

There blooms a garden, vibrant and free,

Where love takes flight, where hearts decree.

Beneath the sky of azure hues,

Where sunlight dances, gently pursue,

Lies a tapestry of every shade,

In the embrace of rainbows made.

Love's a symphony, a tender tune,

A sonnet sung beneath the moon,

In every note, a story told,

Of courage, warmth, and hands to hold.

For in this garden, love is found,

Not bound by chains or ties profound,

But in the eyes of lovers' gaze,

In whispered words and endless praise.

In the early morn, when dawn's first light,

Breaks the spell of the velvet night,

Two souls entwine, their spirits soar,

In love's embrace forevermore.

Their hands, a dance of grace and pride,

Together, strong, they turn the tide,

Against the storm of hate and fear,

They stand as one, their message clear.

Through streets adorned with colors bright,

They march for love, they march for right,

In unity, their voices rise,

A testament against the lies.

For every heart deserves to feel,

A pure love, a love that's real,

No matter form or gender, creed,

It's love that plants the truest seed.

In quiet moments, soft and still,

Where dreams take flight on gentle will,

Two hearts beat with a rhythm true,

In love, they've found a world anew.

Beneath the stars, in twilight's glow,

Their spirits blend, their auras show,

A spectrum bright, a radiant arc,

That lights the way through paths once dark.

For every tear and silent cry,

For every time they questioned why,

They found in love a sacred space,

A refuge from a world of haste.

Their love, a beacon shining bright,

Guides others through the darkest night,

In every kiss, a promise kept,

In every touch, their souls have wept.

For in their love, the world can see,

A glimpse of what it means to be,

Unbound by norms, unchained, unfurled,

Two souls in love, a brighter world.

In this embrace, they find their peace,

Their hearts entwined, their fears released,

And in each other’s arms, they find,

A love that's gentle, strong, and kind.

Through every storm, through wind and rain,

They find their joy amidst the pain,

For love is patient, love is kind,

It’s in their hearts that strength they find.

In the tapestry of human grace,

Their love holds firm, their steps embrace,

Each moment shared, each breath in sync,

In love's pure light, their spirits link.

And as the seasons come and go,

Their love remains, a constant flow,

For in their eyes, the truth is plain,

In love, they find their freedom's gain.

So let the world with open arms,

Embrace this love, its many charms,

For in the spectrum wide and free,

Lies the heart of humanity.

In the garden where the colors blend,

Where love's true messages transcend,

Two souls find a home, a sacred space,

In love's embrace, they find their place.

In this vast world of endless skies,

Where every star and comet flies,

There lies a truth both bright and bold,

In love, we find our hearts' pure gold.

For love is love, a force so grand,

It breaks all bounds, it takes a stand,

Against the night, it shines so true,

In every hue, in me and you.

So let us sing with voices clear,

Of love's great power, far and near,

For, in the end, it’s love that stays,

In hearts and minds, in countless ways.

In the embrace of rainbows' light,

We find our truth, we find our right,

To love and live, to dance and be,

In love's pure grace, eternally.


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    Nsangobong Friday Written by Nsangobong Friday

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