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My First Bachelor Party

The story of my first time attending a bachelor party

By Joe PattersonPublished about a month ago 4 min read
My First Bachelor Party
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For many people the date of April 20th will forever be known as the day when stoners go extra smokey, but for me, April 20th will forever be known as the first time I ever attended a bachelor party. When most people think of bachelor parties they think about a wild night of partying, drinking, perhaps even some exotic dancers to usher out that final dance of freedom to celebrate the big “I do’s”. That is definitely not how my experience went.

When my younger brother asked me to be one of his groomsmen in his wedding I was honored. I knew it would be a great road to the future, but humorously I knew there would be a bachelor party involved. Now you might be wondering why I used the term “humorously”, well that’s because this younger brother of mine, being the holy church brother that he is, would have a very clean idea for his bachelor party, so there definitely wouldn’t be any drinking or dancers involved. Instead, his best man arranged for all of the groomsmen to go have a day of airsofting.

Now before the airsoft arrangements were made I had absolutely no clue what airsoft was, only that it was very similar to paintball shooting. Immediately that raised some eyebrows for me because I had never played paintball before, but I was aware that it was a fun, yet painful experience. So I knew there was gonna be some challenges here. When I asked our best man what exactly airsoft was he told me it was less painful than paintball, so I felt a little relief, but in due time I would find that this misinformation was gonna cost me dearly.

So I show up to the venue that morning and some of the guys are already waiting to go in. When I grab a park next to my brother I get out and see a good number of people with protective gear on like they were preparing for a battle in the army or something. Then I started getting a little nervous. As we go in and friends of the best man start informing us on what’s gonna be taking place I come to the realization that I am completely unprepared by what is about to take place. I have no protective gear and I’ve had no practice with this sport before so I am hilariously unarmed and unprepared.

After I rent my airsoft gun with some ammunition, the crew takes me out to the hallway to do a couple of practice shots on me so I can know what type of sensation I will feel when game gets underway and let me tell you something, those shots really hurt. What made it all even worse was I had on a basic outfit that might as well just meant I was naked. In my car I had an extra outfit that I brought with me just in case the outfit I was wearing had gotten dirty, but after feeling those practice bullets I just decided to put that outfit on over the one I was wearing for a light sense of protection. It helped a little bit but I still felt like a long sleeve shirt of some sort would make me feel a lot better. The best man let me borrow one of his hoodies and it really did help a lot.

Though I still wish I had more protective gear as well as wished I had been told more about this game before I agreed to it so I could have given myself time to get ready, I was now as ready as I was gonna be. Something else that made me feel better was knowing the rest of our groomsmen crew had never played airsoft before, so they were just as lost as I was, so it made me feel not alone. When the began we started off with being given an objective and we were divided up into two big teams. When the starter bell went off we went to our battle zones and the game began.

Going in like a bunch of soldiers in the military I swear the mystery and suspense had us all on edge, but once the shooting started we were all in. When everyone started letting off shots the fun began. There was a lot of pain, but also lots of enjoyment. You would’ve thought everyone was playing Call Of Duty in live action with the way we were going at it. For the next couple of hours we all play around three to four rounds before calling it a day.

After we left we airsoft we decided to go eat lunch at Texas Roadhouse and started marveling at how unexpectedly fun airsoft was. I definitely had a great time and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it even though I was a bit nervous in the beginning. It was also at lunch that I realized I was nine years older than all the other groomsmen so that was pretty funny too. After lunch at the restaurant we all went outside and talked for a while just laughing and joking. There was still an active desire to stay out and go have fun. While the rest of the crew were coming up with ideas to go hang out at for the rest of the evening I went to a big cookout that my older sister was having at her house. I had a good time there, but when the day ended I realized that I went to what was perhaps the best and most unconventional bachelor party ever.


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Joe Patterson

Hi I'm Joe Patterson. I am a writer at heart who is a big geek for film, music, and literature, which have all inspired me to be a writer. I rap, write stories both short and long, and I'm also aspiring to be an author and a filmmaker.

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  • Tiffany Gordon 27 days ago

    NICE! You're so gifted with narration! You made it sound so fun! Great job with this piece! BRAVO! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Tina D'Angeloabout a month ago

    That sounds like bruises worth getting! I once made a six-foot by four-foot high wedding cake (out of cardboard and plaster icing) for a friend about to marry a Baptist Pastor. She rented a nun's costume and jumped out of the cake. That was hilarious. However, the funniest part was watching the Pastor, his sons, the deacons of the church, and all the holy men at this party wondering what on earth they'd gotten themselves into with this giant cake. Was a naked girl going to pop out of it?

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