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How To Design A Diamond Engagement Ring

Design A Diamond Engagement Ring

By Mariya SmithPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

It is a well-known fact that a diamond is a preferred gemstone for an engagement ring. When you start exploring the market and looking for a diamond engagement ring you will find that the market is already flooded with diamond rings in many designs. But you want your engagement ring to be one of its own kind, and for this, you need to design it yourself. Designing your diamond engagement ring may sound like a tough task to you but when you start executing it, you will find that it is a very easy and artful task. It also ignites romance between you and your significant other because when you start designing the ring, you go through many steps which help you know each other better. Here is how you can design your diamond engagement ring your way.

Know Your Significant Other’s Views On The Ring and Draw It On A Paper

Spend some quality time with your beloved and know about her dream engagement ring. You can discuss this over a coffee and if you want to know it secretly you can discuss this with her friends & relatives. Take their opinions and consider them with what you know about her choices. Now it’s time to draw a rough sketch of her dream diamond engagement ring on paper. So, grab a pen and paper and draw what you think her dream engagement ring looks like. Do not rush to draw it in one shot, keep room for future customizations and additions. Once you are sure about the rough sketch, proceed further to curate it step by step using online tools.

Choose One From Lab Created And Natural Diamond

The first thing you decide when you plan to buy an engagement ring is the budget and this is where you need to decide on the type of diamond you need for your engagement ring. Pricewise there is a big difference between a natural and a lab-created diamond. If we talk about the physical properties, only a professional gemologist can identify the differences. Appearance and hardness for both lab-grown and natural diamonds are the same. Both have their own advantages, a lab-grown diamond can save you money. On the other hand, a natural diamond is a symbol of luxury and also a good investment option.

Choose A Gemstone Cut

So far, you have not started designing your diamond engagement ring because choosing a natural and lab-grown diamond has nothing to do with the overall appearance of the ring. So let’s start the designing part now. In diamonds, you can find a variety of gemstone cuts. Some of them such as the trillion cut, brilliant cut, and princess cut can give you the best fire and brilliance by reflecting maximum light incident on the gem. Other cuts, such as round, oval or square are relatively less expensive. Match the gemstone cut with her dream ring and proceed further to choose other attributes for your diamond engagement ring.

Choose A Gemstone Size

Certain cuts like emerald, marquise and oval give an illusion of a bigger centerstone when they are embellished in a ring. We've enlightened you about the different gemstone shapes before gemstones sizes because certain shapes can make the centerstone appear bigger. For instance, shapes like emerald, marquise and oval make the centerstone appear bigger. With such shapes, you have the liberty to choose a smaller centerstone instead of a bigger one. On the other hand, if round, princess and trillion cuts tickle your fancy, you might want to opt for a bigger centerstone. So choose a gemstone size keeping the gemstone cut in mind. Although the size of the gemstone is the foundation of your engagement ring and its overall appearance, you should choose the size keeping in mind the cut.

Choose A Ring Setting

Ring setting refers to the arrangement of centerstone and the side stones in your engagement ring. As you can see in the picture, there are many fancy ring settings. You can choose any of them according to the preference of your better half. If you do not know which ring setting will tickle her fancy, here is a pro tip for you. Halo, vintage, and prong settings are the most popular gemstone settings among celebrities. So choosing any of these settings will make your significant other feel like a celebrity.

Choose A Metal Type

It is very easy to know about her preferred metal. Carefully observe her photographs to identify what kind of jewelry she loves to wear on what occasion. You will get your answer. Now you can figure out the right metal for her engagement ring. If this time you want to choose something out of the box, then you should choose white gold or rose gold.

Share Your Design Directly To A Jewelry Designer

If you feel that even after choosing all the attributes, you are still not able to create the perfect diamond engagement ring, you can look for a jeweler that can transform your imagination into life. You can directly share your final sketch with the jeweler and may witness the finest artwork. But the final jewelry piece should be created well on time to avoid last-minute hassle and have an ample amount of time in case you want to make any further customizations to the engagement ring.

Now you are equipped with enough knowledge to create an engagement ring for your significant other or yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get started right away and you will get your dream engagement ring at the right time. We wish you a blissful life with each other.


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