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Getting the Pure 925 Silver Earrings in India

You can find thousands of unique designs of sterling silver earrings and necklaces in India. Here we’ll discuss the significance of such sparkling items that you can find for any occasion.

By Adil ParrayPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Getting the Pure 925 Silver Earrings in India
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Earrings have been a part of Indian culture for centuries. Whether it’s gold or silver earrings, they have been worn as jewellery items by women in every part of their lives. The pure 925 silver earrings (sterling silver earrings) are the most popular accessories in India. These earrings have been used as a fashionable accessory by men and women equally. Silver is also one of the precious metals that symbolise status and wealth by many people across the world.

The earrings have been a pride of Indian women since the dawn of Indian culture. In addition to being used as a fashion accessory, they have been used as a sign of status and wealth by ancient kings and queens of India. Since then, they have earned their reputation as the jewellery of the royalties. Different silver earring designs are being used to symbolise different things for every individual.

Choosing the right 925 Silver Earring Design for You

With thousands of different silver earring designs in the market, it may sometimes get a bit overwhelming on which one to choose. The first and foremost thing to do is not to go with Fine silver (999) for delicate jewellery such as earrings. This 999 metal is very soft and may easily break or tarnish with constant use. The 925 or sterling silver is considered to be the best form of silver for jewellery. It is highly resistant to daily wear and tear, and even if this jewellery seems to be losing its shine, it can be repolished to regain its shimmer.

The occasion on which you’re going to wear these silver earrings is also important. If you wish to wear these to a wedding, then you may want to prefer to go with highly elaborated designs that have gemstones embedded in them. They are usually heavy in weight but since you’re only going to wear them for a few days, they can be fine.

For daily wear silver earrings or any other jewellery, a lightweight with a small stone (or without) is recommended. You can wear them all day without worrying about your skin. They will also stay comfortable throughout the day. Make sure you compliment the earrings with the colour of your dress so it may enhance your beauty.

925 Silver earrings are most of the time combined with the gorgeous necklace set that just looks fabulous on any type of occasion.

Significance Of Silver Jewellery Designs

Silver earrings and necklaces have always played a symbolic role in Indian occasions. They carry spiritual as well as cultural meanings. During a wedding, the bride is decorated with jewellery items to make her goods as beautiful as possible. The silver jewellery items like a necklace or payal help the women keep their health in check as well as negative energy away.

The silver items like necklaces and bracelets are also a popular gifting choice for a bride, a friend, family member and even children. These are precious items that can create memories lasting a lifetime.

In many parts of India, the silver necklace set may also be a symbol of their religious affiliation. Others use jewellery as a form of self-expression. It depicts your personality or style that could be a bold statement for you.

Purchasing a Silver Earring and Necklace

Silver being one of the most valuable and precious metals may sometimes get difficult to be recognized. Whenever you are planning to buy silver or gold jewellery, you must always keep in mind the recognisable hallmarks.

The BIS hallmark is the most trusted guarantee of silver and gold jewellery. While buying the earrings or necklace, you must look for this logo on the items.

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