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Kasulaperu: The Symbol of South Indian Jewellery

Kasulaperu necklace is a magnificent necklace design of South India and is considered a symbol of femininity and prosperity at weddings.

By Adil ParrayPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Kasulaperu: The Symbol of South Indian Jewellery
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The Kasulaperu or Kasumala is one of the most popular necklaces. This necklace has coins embedded in it which give it the name. Kasu means ‘coin’ and mala means ‘necklace’. The small gold coins are closely kept together to create a coin necklace. The kasulaperu is a traditional south Indian necklace that is always a part of the collection of any south Indian bride.

South Indian women are fond of the most elegant jewellery designs. Even at weddings, you can see the brides dressed heavily with the most unique and traditional style of jewellery. In 2021, Kasulaperu necklace models are trending a lot, with jewellers trying to perfect the existing designs as well as create something new.

History of Kasulaperu Gold Necklace Design

The necklace is one of the symbols of South Indian traditions and its history can be traced back to centuries ago. There are many sculptures and carvings found around India that show how old the tradition is. The design was inspired by such carvings around South India.

These necklaces can come in different styles and lengths. Over time, the patterns and designs have been improved upon a bit, but the basic style remains the same. It is considered a very valuable piece of jewellery, not just because it is made from gold, but also because it is a symbol of the traditions and cultures of South India.

Kasulaperu Necklace Designs on South Indian Weddings

Kasulaperu necklace is a very desirable jewellery item for any woman in India. It is considered auspicious bridal jewellery that not only brings a stylish look to the table but also carries family traditions forward.

A south Indian wedding is considered incomplete without the Kasumala embellished on the bride. These necklaces are also used on several other occasions like pujas. The coins on gold Kasulaperu necklace design are usually decorated and embossed with a Hindu goddess such as Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and femininity. Thus wearing them on the wedding day is considered auspicious for the bride.

There is a belief that wearing this Kasulaperu necklace model at weddings blesses the bride (couple) with abundance, good fortune, beauty and prosperity. The long kasumala is usually paired with a smaller necklace to enhance the overall bridal attire. If you’re planning to go for a grand look, then a pending or double-layered kasumala necklace would be a perfect decor.

Stone Kasulaperu Necklace Designs

Many of the modern Kasulaperu necklaces now come in trendier styles, i.e. with the ornaments embedded on them. The unique look from emeralds, rubies, diamonds and pearls further enhances the beauty of the woman wearing them, as well as her attire.

The Kasumala necklaces are also commonly found in pendant designs. The necklaces are made by stacking the coins throughout, just like a regular kasumala, and then a pendant is kept at the centre. These pendants are made with stones and/or other gold ornaments. They may also have a religious symbol or depiction of the goddess Lakshmi at the centre.

The multilayered Kasulaperu have two or three chains with each chain having the stacks of these gold coins layered. These are highly elegant designs but also heavyweight. If you’re planning to wear this kind of necklace at your wedding, you may not need any other necklace or pendant at all.

Gold Coins Jewellery

In addition to Kasulaperu, many other jewellery items are also embedded with gold coins. The waist belt or kamarbandh or Vaddanam is also one of the items that are often styled with these gold coins. This waist belt looks best when it is worn along with the coin necklace.

Bangles sometimes are also embellished with gold coins and they can be used along with the Kasulaperu necklace, or separately as well.

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