Creative Ways to Send Wedding Invitation

Get to know about various interesting ways to send the wedding invitations to your friends and family members.

Creative Ways to Send Wedding Invitation

A wedding is one of the biggest days of life. In most cases, the wedding is also once in a lifetime occasion. So, celebrating it in the most pleasant way and making it the most memorable experience is our ultimate goal.

It is normal to say goodbye to the heavily crafted cards and implementing a unique strategy to create wedding cards and inviting others to your wedding. For a change, you can consider mix martial arts, hand-printed artwork, or just writing the name in binary. So, here we bring the top creative ways to send a wedding invitation to friends and relatives.

Use Water coloring

Water color is a great idea. This is unique and attractive at the same time. Using watercolors add a unique flavor to your card. We will highly recommend using watercolor on the card.

1. Use Binary Numbers

Well, this seems weird. We all have done the binary conversions in our childhood during our school days or high school days. Just writing your names in binary, send it to your friends, and see the reaction. Recently, one of my friends sends binary numbers when he invited us. This will get your friends a déjà vu of the old school days. One thing you have to make sure is that, include binary numbers only in the cards of your friends. Do not send these cards to the relatives, they won’t understand anything and won’t be able to convert binary to text. Here, I’m sharing a tool’s link where you can convert binary to text:

2. Purchase a domain

If you are from an IT background and you are earning a healthy amount of money, then purchasing a domain is a cool idea just like that binary one. For example, if your name is Jack and you are getting married to jill, then you can buy domain Embed a map on the website and add all the photos, videos of your wedding on the website. Also, add your anniversary and children’s photos on your website. This would only be for your family. Isn’t

it cool?

3. Use Forgo Papers in the wedding card

This is a unique kind of papers and this leather invitation includes amazing texture and makes it look different. This is not as difficult as buying a domain and converting it to binary. So, you can easily implement this on your card.

4. Use wood

A fashioned card surrounded by wood looks classy. There is no better invite than a fashioned wood plate.

5. Implement some patterns on the card

If there are very few days left for your wedding, then you can implement some patterns on your card. This method will take hardly 1 to 2 days to complete. As a matter of fact, this looks cool and it will look unique as well.

6. Use the venue as card theme

This is fun. If you are getting married at the resort then you can include a swimming pool, music, trees in the card design. For beaches, you can just add sea, waves, and sand in the card design. And for a high mountain wedding, you can add a mountain. This will look call as well.

7. Use something vintage

After smartphones, people hardly see the postcards or the tickets on postcards. To make your card interesting, you can use this kind of stuff on your postcard. This will definitely bring smiles on the people’s faces as they will be seeing this after a huge period of time. This one is also a simple not as complicated as the binary one.

So, these are the unique ideas to send wedding invitations. Every technique is simple except for the domain and binary numbers one. I have seen people implementing both techniques so, if you have any confusion or you need advice then you can ask me directly. I will be happy to help you!

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