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Cheating Big Data: Under what circumstances are men most likely to cheat?

After a little success, men are no longer satisfied with what they have. Men in this period will easily take cheating as a kind of achievement, young and beautiful women can symbolize their status and ability. They rekindle their youth by cheating. Young energy, let a man's vanity like a balloon up.

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At what stage are men most likely to cheat?

Most of the couples, are self-made, two people work together for more than ten years, finally have a house, a car, a small career success, pocket money, children have grown up, the wife also began to quit the workplace, return to the family...

It may seem like pain comes sweet, but gradually, you will find that the human heart is not enough to swallow the elephant.

After a little success, men are no longer satisfied with what they have. Men in this period will easily take cheating as a kind of achievement, young and beautiful women can symbolize their status and ability. They rekindle their youth by cheating. Young energy, let a man's vanity like a balloon up.

Back to the real world, would you forgive your husband if he cheated on you?

An unfaithful man, do you want him or not? Maybe no one can give you the answer. All I can tell you is that nothing should be a reason for your choice, except the voice that comes from within you.


Cheating, is it a normal thing?


Extramarital affair, one of the fatal killers of this marriage, always affects the direction and outcome of a marriage.

We've seen a lot of cheating in the news lately, in politics, business and entertainment.

It seems that infidelity is possible regardless of age or personality. At this time some people will say, that is because the celebrity circle of temptation, cheating rate is so high.

I'm going to show you a set of data that might change what you thought.

Here's a stat from the Associated Press, and it's striking:

More than 50 percent of both men and women have cheated at least once in all their lifetime relationships.

Forty-one percent of married couples had one or both partners admit to having cheated physically or emotionally.


Twenty-two percent of married men and 14 percent of married women have cheated at least once in their marriage.

Colleagues are the most frequent partners of infidelity (14 percent of married men and women have had sex with a colleague); Business trips are a great time to cheat (35 percent of married men and women admit to having an affair while on a business trip).

Seventy-four percent of men and 68 percent of women said they would cheat if they could never get caught.

For most people, cheating has become a common thing.

So why is this?


Why the infidelity?

In general, cheating is more likely to happen when we are dissatisfied with a relationship, less invested in it, and have more options outside the relationship. Levich's alternative hypothesis also argues that when the attractiveness of marriage itself remains the same, the greater the attractiveness of other options, the greater the risk of marital frustration -- the greater the chance of cheating.

Once received a user consultation:

Married for nearly ten years. He had a successful career, and to the outside world, we were a pretty happy couple. Originally thought we would be together for a lifetime, but he was derailed, after a variety of waves, he chose to return, but I am very tangled, should I divorce with him?

Faced with cheating, do we choose to divorce or make do? Isn't there a better alternative?

Of course, here's a statistic worth thinking about: 25 percent of couples divorced after their affair was exposed, and 75 percent stayed in the relationship.

But that doesn't mean you should follow the crowd, and the answer isn't simply "remonster" or "forgive them."

We need to understand why a man cheats in the first place before we can decide whether we can forgive him or not. Instead of blindly forgiving each other after a problem. This is not going to make him wake up and go back to his family.


What is the cure for cheating?

1. Did he cheat for sex or affection?

2. Does he still love me?

3, I admit that I still care about him, but carrying such a psychological burden, can also go on?

4. How should I choose between a marriage with children and a marriage with a cheating husband?

Every time we see friends ask, we will think marriage is to circle a man, or to love a man; Is it for women to be hurt, or for women to be protected?

When we have an affair, we can really divorce like Luo Zijun in the Second half of my life, and come out from the life of a housewife, and transform into a "career + life" double-faced hot mom, find a man better than her ex-husband, sharp back at the mistress and her husband, and live happily for the second half of her life.

It's clear that all the drama on TV satisfies all our imagination of life. We long for the transformation of marriage, especially the counterattack of marriage by cheating.

However, the reality of many people lack the courage to leave, how many people in the marriage fear, fear, anxiety, suspicion, and even despair.

Clearly, divorce is not a recipe for cheating.

After cheating in a hurry to divorce, often the old injury is not good, the new injury and hair.

If not divorced:

"About how long will it take to heal the cracks in your marriage?

"How can such a marriage be saved?"

On the forum, type in "cheating" and "fixing" and there are about 3150,000 related topics. With all the talk about fixing affairs, there are still so many marriages that want to be fixed, but can't be fixed.

The main reason is that cheating can be very damaging. It not only involves trust and affection between two people, but also brings up a lot of past trauma and complex feelings.

If you only know a few fragmented theories, there is no systematic approach. There's no way to repair a marriage!

So, who does cheating repair go to?

When it comes to fixing a broken marriage, people often don't make it. Because people who have been hurt will always wrap themselves up and hide away to refuse to love again, so many people find it difficult to accept cheating partners, even if they return to the family, all kinds of kindness, they still won't trust, afraid of being hurt again.

Over time, the cheating partner will become guessing, suspicious, monitoring, tracking, accusing, abusing and even using violence to prevent and control the recurrence of the affair.

Rebuilding trust takes time and effort, and if you lose that patience, your relationship will only get worse!

CCTV financial channel special psychological expert: Tunan

Carefully present "rebuild trust after cheating" series of lessons, teach you to repair the marriage after cheating with wisdom!

13 years of marriage counseling

Rebuilding trust after infidelity

Get over the negative abyss of the affair

Rebuild your emotions and self

Help you get the love and happiness you want


Can you be happy after forgiving your cheating husband?

"Golden Marriage" Tongzhi derailed, why can and Wenli go to the golden wedding?

At the beginning of the TV series, two people also love deeply, but with the birth of four children in succession, the tedious housework after marriage, leading to the passion faded quickly, between the two people become plain water, even, but also gave birth to a bit of boredom.

At the beginning, fashionable beautiful Wenli also had a suitor outside marriage, relative to Tong Zhi's stuffy, Wenli and the male colleagues in the unit more chat, two people care about each other, male colleagues confessor, Wenli panicked, she thought of family children, so resolutely refused male colleagues.

And Tong Zhi is in be not 40 years old, met the Li Tianjiao of young beauty, cleverness and ability, wander in the gentle and gentle land of confidante, very not agreeable.

When his spirit derailed after Li Tianjiao, in front of Li Tianjiao, gentle and elegant, talk uncommon, and leave Wenli, just a pair of skin and cold face.

His husband is bored with other women all day together, change is which woman, it is unbearable, but Wenli is still in this situation to take care of Tongzhi seriously ill mother. Later, because of various reasons, Li Tianjiao saw that the relationship had no results, took the initiative to quit!

When Li Tianjiao left, Tong Zhi said in the cafe: "Besides my wife, the only woman in my heart is you."

Wenli is well aware of the fact that Tong Zhi is in love with Li Tianjiao. Even if Li Tianjiao had withdrawn from their marriage, she still could not pass that in the heart, two people have been in the cold war separated.

Later or because Tongzhi heart attack two people to find steps to bury the hatchet, WenLi decided to forget the past, start again!

Said not to pursue, but Wenli heart or a barrier. Even to the old age can not listen to Li Tianjiao this is three words. Supposedly, Wenli so proud of a person, is how also impossible to forgive Tongzhi, but this is marriage, grow old together, love for a lifetime is beautiful, but this is too little, most of the happiness behind you can not see the endure.

Can you be happy after forgiving your cheating husband?

I can tell you, marriage itself is a conspiracy, as long as two people still love each other in the heart, two people are willing to continue to go on, that after the derailment to repair the marriage, still can be like Tong Zhiwenli, hand in hand into a happy old age!

Derailment repair is bound to experience a pain of cramping and peeling bones, but you can still harvest happiness after rebirth. Try to learn the "Rebuilding Trust after derailment" brought by Tunan teacher, maybe you will have unexpected harvest!


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