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How long does a man feel fresh about his mistress?

When a man has an affair, maybe he will tell his mistress all the love words in the world. Maybe he will take her to do something romantic that he has never done with his wife. But no matter how passionate, there is a naked truth about extramarital affairs: I can give you anything except marriage.

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How long does the man feel fresh about the third party in an affair?

Three months? A year? Two years? Or longer?

According to the theory of the freshness period of love, the general love is maintained in 18 months or so.

There are many women who think that their husband will keep cheating for two years at most, and then they will get tired of the mistress.

So many people choose to suck it up, wait for the passion period to pass and let it fall apart.

But in fact, I have been involved in extramarital affairs, some of which lasted more than eight years, and they could not break up and even went to court.

In fact, the end of an affair is not defined, may be very short, may be very long.

Always believe in a word: any feelings can not always be strong passion, just like Zhang Ailing said: "Without the guarantee of marriage and to seize a man for a long time, is a difficult, painful thing, almost impossible."

When a man has an affair, maybe he will tell his mistress all the love words in the world. Maybe he will take her to do something romantic that he has never done with his wife. But no matter how passionate, there is a naked truth about extramarital affairs: I can give you anything except marriage.

So or that sentence, I don't die, you can't get up after all! No matter how long an affair lasts, we can make men advance, take the initiative and get tired of the affair through some artificial operations.


Men often get what they want in an affair

In marriage, a man has to bear the responsibilities of the family, there is the pressure of food, rice, oil and salt, and the day-to-day boring life.

But in an affair, a man can be himself. They are not a husband or a father, but a man who can do whatever he wants and enjoy the pleasure of indulgence.

Plain as water marriage life, let Li feel particularly boring, every day can not play the spirit, later met the small beauty outside the marriage, Li instant feel back to the young Lang era, full of passion and desire.

Experienced the old Li of extramarital affair, radiant, that beautiful, generous, understand the woman of his worry, old Li wants to always be bored with her together.

But it wasn't long before his brave and resourceful wife found out about his affair.

Different from other women, she is special refuse, do not cry do not make, directly hold the lifeblood of Lao Li, let Lao Li choose, 1. A divorce and a mistress would ruin his reputation. 2. Break up with an outside woman and go home. 3. Clean out of the house, for you and the mistress.

The means of the wife is vigorous, let him feel very afraid, have a son have a woman have a house have a car, it is the middle age is about to enjoy the time, he weighed the advantages and disadvantages, finally broke the affair.

Lao Li's wife's decision to recover is called counter-cheating, incarnated "forbidden fruit".

Faced with cheating, either leaving decisively or taking a temporary step back without thinking it through is one of the strategies used to counter the forbidden fruit effect of men, in which the wife becomes the "forbidden fruit".

What is the forbidden fruit effect?

There is a saying: wife as concubine, concubine as steal, steal is not stolen.

To sum up a word is: can not get, always in the commotion! The more forbidden something is, the more people want it.

Men are ambiguous, cheating, cheating, not all because the wife is not beautiful, not outstanding. Nothing more than the forbidden fruit effect.

So most people often use the wrong method when they redeem:

The more she tried to get her husband back, the more he wanted to be with the third son,

The more the wife made a scene, the more the husband and small three difficult to part with?

The more the wife looks at her husband, the more the husband wants to find an opportunity to run out for a tryst?

Probably a lot of people will say, don't ignore him, let him and small three?

The answer is definitely not, because if you let it go, men will run amok and red flags will fly outside your home.

We're back to the forbidden fruit effect.

If you are a divorceable wife, like Lao Li's wife in the case, when you find out that your partner is cheating on you, you should immediately throw out the evidence to make him realize that if he doesn't break up with the other woman, he will lose his wife immediately.

In this way, the wife immediately becomes the forbidden fruit to be lost by the husband, and the mistress becomes the prey already in hand.

In this case, most men will swallow the pain and break up with the mistress and return to marriage.

What if you're a wife with no power to divorce?

We can also use the forbidden fruit effect.

A man knows his wife inside out. He knows what she will do every day. He can control her. Cheating, on the other hand, is full of novelty and mystery, and everything is so exciting because you don't know who you're cheating with.

This is why it is often said that women should keep a bit of mystery about men, it will stimulate the exploration of you.

Or to grasp the principle of the forbidden fruit effect: "the best is what you can't get." The more you can't get, the more you care about it.

Men are naturally subjugated. If you choose to badger and beg, you will be seen as a subservient, passive recipient of the response. Secondary attraction, on the other hand, can help you create opportunities, establish the initiative, and put you in control."

A lot of people will ask, the second recovery can really do the recovery?

The answer is yes.

Psychologists have said that in everyone's heart, there will be a devil, the devil's name is called "desire is not satisfied", the desire is difficult to fill, always can not meet, but also want to get more.

All you have to do to keep your partner from cheating on you is to have a passion for your partner and learn to "hold back" to get him to want you again.

Secondary attraction, on the other hand, is a kind of renewal and upgrading of the individual, requiring you to make a last-ditch "overhaul" of yourself. You have to make a big change.

In marriage, as a wife, you are no longer the role of a single partner, but the husband's life partner, once you reach this height in marriage, then, those green tea, beautiful, gentle, understand me, lover, the series of words, are just the skin of "beautiful".

A good marriage is not to let this person around you every day, but in his every plan for the future, only you can participate in, that person can only be you.

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2 let save not humble, do not bow, high emotional intelligence, high self-esteem to save each other.

3. Say to love, show to love, cleverly avoid the minefield to save, let the person you love fall in love with you again!

High Emotional Intelligence Compound

Rich tool skills make it possible for him to turn around

Love's communication tips: Know when to say it or not

Keep your love warm and sweet


In Legend of Zhen Huan, the Pure Yuan empress, who only lives in her lines, is the "white moon" in Yongzheng's heart that can be read but cannot be said.

Yongzheng's deep feeling towards Yu Chunyuan is partly due to her character and beauty, and the other half is the regret and remembrance of that "love but not".

But it's all just the forbidden fruit effect inside.

In the Forbidden Fruit Effect, the key to a man's heart is to learn to increase your attractiveness.

Blindly pay will only reduce their own value, when their advantages are gradually expanded to attract his favor to you.

But you also need to remember that every good thing is a bad thing.

Too much pay in love can not get a man's heart, but too much cold will let the other side avoid.

You can "pose" to make him think you have mystery, but you need the right amount of "innocence" to make him feel that you love him.

Learn to use psychology to repair your marriage with the "forbidden fruit effect" and "second attraction" to make your marriage happier and longer.


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