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10 Best First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Best Gift Ideas in 2021

By Aiden SmithPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
10 Best First Anniversary Gift Ideas
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There are many occasions in our lives which mark something monumental; it can be the first birthday of your child or celebrating the first time you met your love. There are many possible ways in which you can display your love to your loved ones, but giving them gifts as special as they are is a tradition that has been going on since centuries. One such memorable day in the lives of all married couples is their first anniversary. Well, if you’re one of them too, congratulations for turning one together!

Amidst the excitement of all the surprises you both want to share in life, it is needless to say that the first wedding gift remains the most memorable for both him and her. If you’re a wife looking for the best gift or a husband wanting to make the day more special, we’ve got it covered! From diamond bands for women to grooming kits for him, explore some of the best gift ideas from below and make a choice that suits you and your partner the most. You can even get customized gifts in order to avoid the monotony and give your gift a more personal sentiment.

Some of these options include –

1. Custom Magnets – The idea of having something that just belongs to the two of you is surreal and having it made just for you two is a greater pleasure. But instead of doing the cliché customized gifts, you can get personalized magnets as a token of your love. It can include pictures, quotes and even dates that are important to the both of you. Sticking them up on your fridge will be a happy reminder every morning of how lucky you are to have each other. They make for cute first anniversary gifts.

2. First Anniversary Book – This gift is a perfect idea if your loved one cannot resist the idea of a book. A personalized first anniversary book will mean the world to them and it will remind them of how much you care about them and their interests. You can personalize the details inside the book to make it just about the two of you! It makes a simple and minimalistic gift.

3. Engraved Jewelry – The one thing that beats the odd of all others is custom jewelry that suits your loved one perfectly. There are beautiful neck pieces carrying your partner’s name or initials in exquisite plating available on Tipsyfly, IGM etc. that can be subtle yet romantic anniversary gift. You can even have your initials together or the date of your wedding engraved on diamond bands for women which come in various colors like silver, yellow gold, rose gold etc.

4. Minted Vows as Letterpress Art – This has to be one of the ‘out of the box’ gifts that will surely move your partner in tears or in your arms. The vows you both made to each other on your wedding day is a lifelong symbol of love, responsibility and commitment that you share. There is no deeper connection than that of two hears being one, with mind and soul. A letterpress art will eternalize these words for years to come and will remind you of your great journey together!

5. Star Naming – If you think you won’t be getting enough of your loved one in one life and want to eternalize your bond, or you just want them to know that you’re as inseparable as the stars in the sky, this is the most sought after, heartfelt gesture. The international astronomical union (IAU) is the official star naming organization. They locate the stars through coordinates and numbers. A certificate of ownership is then awarded after completing the procedure. You can look up at the sky and know there’s a part of the both of you out there, forever.

6. Grooming and Skincare Hampers – No wonder your partner is beautiful inside out, but there’s no such thing as having ‘enough’ of skincare and grooming products. A good hamper with extra coupons is going to be the safest option if your loved one is fond of radiating as much on the outside too! Brands such as m caffeine, Bombay shaving company, Marks and Spencer etc. offer great ranges of beauty and skin products to gift. You can also personalize the hampers at SkinKraft India.

7. Wedding bands and Bridal sets – It is often said ‘diamonds are a woman’s best friend’. That holds true in all spheres of life so that shouldn’t be missed out on such remarkable occasions too. A bridal set embedded with jewels or minimalistic platinum earring studded with dust or even diamond bands for women are some great options to consider, keeping in mind your partner’s taste. Bridal sets may be a tricky expedition given the wide range, so don’t forget to take a second or third opinion.

8. Anniversary Wine Cellar – For the old souls who like their love just like they like their wines, old school and ever-lasting, this is the perfect gift to mark your milestones together. It also acts as a memoir and will give you a tinge of excitement and adrenaline rush to drink out of the bottle completing another year! The beautiful pinewood or teakwood finish can make it an attractive home décor item too.

9. Mosaic Art Frames – If your partner loves getting clicked and viewing all the pictures almost every week to find a perfect pose, this will brighten their day! A digitally created mosaic art will include a main picture that you want to highlight, made up of several other pictures of the two of you after adjusting their hues. You can opt for a solo mosaic consisting just your partner’s pictures too. Portrait Store offers great varieties of digital couple art delivered to your footstep.

10. Journey Map Frame – If you’re a couple who loves travel and adventure, this is a perfect gift for your anniversary. It includes the combination of maps of places you’ve travelled together to. It shows how perfectly your love has developed through these places and shall continue to grow!

Such anniversary gifts make your milestones memorable and help you grow as a couple together, learning more about each other’s likes and dislikes every other day. May it be expensive bridal sets or minimalistic books, we wish your partner appreciates your efforts and you have a happy future together.

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