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10 Amazing Wedding Songs for Same-Sex Couples

These wedding songs for same-sex couple will ensure that there's not a dry eye in the audience.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

With the rise of same sex marriage, it's not surprising that there has also been a major boom in businesses that support LGBTQ marriages. You can now get gay wedding cakes, wedding tuxedos for lesbian couples, and of course, venues that proudly proclaim that they are LGBTQ-friendly.

Being able to plan a same-sex wedding is easier than ever before, and we're now seeing more same-sex couples making history by declaring their love the old-fashioned way as a result.

The one difficult issue gay and lesbian couples have is the wedding songs. Most love songs are written in the perspective of cisgendered, heterosexual lovers. That can make things awkward when you're not cisgendered, or happen to be in love with someone of the same sex.

There are some pretty adorable wedding songs for same-sex couples out there, though. Here are some picks that would make anyone's heart melt during the first dance.

If you are planning out a lesbian wedding, then you might recognize Mary Lambert's "She Keeps Me Warm." This song is sung by a woman, and is a clear ode to a woman who she's in love with.

As far as wedding songs for same-sex couples go, it's really hard to top this woke option. It's so beautiful, and remains a touching reminder that love is love.

Patti Labelle has long been known as a pro-LGBTQ celebrity, even during the days when it wasn't acceptable to be that way. That being said, she's made more than her fair share of wedding songs for same-sex couples and their allies.

One of the best options for queer couples of all kinds is "If Only You Knew." Thanks to its gender-neutral lyrics, it works with couples of almost any orientation imaginable.

Speaking of gender neutrality, let's take a look at one of the cutest songs Michael Jackson ever performed. "Butterflies" is all about that amazing feeling of getting butterflies in your stomach as you flirt with your first love.

Adorable as it is, it's also a gender-neutral song that fits perfectly for the LGBTQ wedding of your dreams.

"Stand by Me" is one of those songs that's really hard to forget, and tends to be one of the best songs to listen to when you're sad. It's uplifting, and reminds you that the tough times will not always be there. All you need is the right person to stand next to you.

Since this song uses the word "darling" rather than pronouns, it's safe to say it's one of the better wedding songs for same-sex couples that want to have some soulful music at their first dance.

Are you a fan who loves the bluesy, velvety voice of Etta James? If you are, we have some good news. This classic crooning tune is gender-neutral, and is a perfect wedding song for couples who may have felt like it never would have been possible to find love in today's age.

Relief is the name of the game in this song, and it's incredibly impressive in both its emotion and style. As far as wedding songs for same-sex couples go, this is a must-have.

Celine Dion is the Quebecois singer who won over the LGBTQ community years ago, and to a point, it wouldn't be a complete list of wedding songs for same-sex couples without at least one Celine song.

This gender-neutral song is one of the most famous romance songs of the 90s, and unsurprisingly, remains a perennially popular wedding song as well.

Hopeful, sweet, and lightly jazzy, it's easy to see why “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones is a major hit in the wedding circuit. It's an emotional romance song that has been a favorite among couples of all walks of life.

Much like other songs on this list, Norah Jones used gender-neutral pronouns for this. So, no matter what gender your partner is, it'll be a good choice to pick.

One of the most popular country hits of the early 2000s was "Amazed," and it's easy to see why. It's such a deeply romantic and slightly dramatic song that you can tell was written from the heart.

Gay couples who have a penchant for country music will find this to be one of the best wedding songs they can pick. It's all about appreciating the love you have for your partner, and how the best days will still be in front of you.

Does your partner have amazing eyes? Were their eyes one of the first things you fell in love with? If so, the perfect song for your wedding would be Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes."

Is it 100 percent appropriate as a wedding song? Pretty much, yes. As far as wedding songs for same-sex couples go, the delightful 80s nostalgia and gender-neutral lyrics really can't be beat.

Boy George was one of the first celebrities to really embrace the gay culture circuit, and unsurprisingly, also happened to be one of the first people to have a love ballad that was meant for LGBTQ audiences.

To a point, having "Love is Love" as your wedding song is the best way to show your rallying cry and activist side. That's one of the many, many reasons why "Love is Love" remains one of the best wedding songs for same-sex couples ever made.

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