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Why You Should Plant Moss Rose

by Scarwled Writing 6 months ago in garden

An easy maintanence plant

It's finally Spring! You can finally go out and get some fresh air without having to bundle up in excessive amounts of layers. Spring is also the time of year when most will start growing their own plants. For some, you want a nice pretty plant to decorate your interior. Others are looking for plants to add to their yard's aesthetic. Moss Rose is a perfect plant that's both pleasing to the eye and easy for anyone to maintain. Moss Rose is a variation of Portulaca, a flowering succulent plant that comes in a variety of different types that can usually withstand harsh climates. Their fleshy succulent leaves store water making them able to adapt to dry weather. Depending on the variation some types can tolerate cold weather as long as there is no frost and others can withstand the intense tropical climates. Some Portulaca variants will even reseed themselves making them annual plants. Since these plants thrive in all sorts of climates and can take over an area. Some Portulaca variants are considered weeds to some gardeners.

Moss Rose itself comes in a variety of different colorful and vibrant blossoms. Red, pink, yellow, orange, the colors can help brighten up any space you decide to grow your beautiful succulent plant. From my experience, when you buy moss rose plants at a store like Lowes. They already have all the different colors bundled together in a plastic plant container. The plant does seed very quickly so they grow fast in a manner that weeds grow. Which is great if you have a larger plot of soil that you want to fill with your Moss Rose. I decided to plant several small Moss Rose plants at the front of my house spaced about 6 inches from each other. After a few months they had seeded and grown filling in the extra space. Moss Rose is the variation of portulaca that can withstand heat and some cold as long as there isn't any frost. If you live in Florida like me then it should grow year round as the weather is perfect for Moss Rose.

How To Care For Moss Rose

Spring is the perfect time to start planting your Moss Rose because once summer hits the plants will start thriving and reseeding themselves very quickly. When planting your Moss Rose, you want to use a soil with a well draining composition. Sandy and rocky soil works best for these plants. Moss Rose is a very heat tolerant plant and does need a lot of sun light. So make sure they aren't planted in a shady area or displayed in a location of the house with very little sunlight. Even though Moss Rose is a succulent plant, it isn't as drought tolerant as a cactus. They need moderate to low moisture. Allow the soil to dry between watering if you have the plant indoors. If you're Moss Rose is planted outdoors, make sure you check the soil during drought periods. Over watering your Moss Rose can result in root rot. This is why a well draining soil is important for your plant.

Moss Rose Warning!

If you have pets, you will want to keep them away from Moss Rose. This is because the plant contains soluble calcium oxalates which is toxic to many animals including cats and dogs. When eaten in large quantities it can cause kidney failure. So if you do choose to grow Moss Rose while having a pet. Make sure they do not eat the plant! This is easier to monitor if you plant them outside rather than inside. Some symptoms of Moss Rose poisoning in animals is vomiting, lethargy, weak muscles, diarrgea, and muscle spasms.


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