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Why buy a Swiss army knife?

The advantages of having a Swiss knife are many, the main one is that you get several additional tools in one, in addition to being small enough to carry anywhere.

By Micheal DavidPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

A Swiss knife is one of the most versatile tools that exist. It can become a screwdriver, a can opener, scissors, and lots of other instruments.

But what is the best Swiss army knife in the market? In this article, you will find a buying guide with all the aspects that you should value to get the one that best suits your needs.

What is a Swiss army knife?

A Swiss army knife is a multi-function tool that was manufactured by the Swiss brand Victorinox.

An instrument of this type includes a knife and several other tools, such as screwdrivers, scissors, files and bottle openers, etc. These accessories are stored inside the handle of the knife using a mechanism that rotates around a pivot.

The best knives of 2020

The following products have been selected as the best of the moment. They adapt to all pockets and the needs of each person:

The best value for money

Multipurpose pocket tool kit: it transforms perfectly into pliers, can openers, saw blades, bottle openers and even a screwdriver with the 9 in 1 set included. In addition, the integrated protection prevents the blade from accidentally closing over the fingers by forcing it to push in to bend it.

The best high-end model

A model with the incorporation of scissors, screwdriver, corkscrew, among others. It has the functionality, innovation, recognized design, and unparalleled quality. Ideal to have a multi-purpose instrument ready to use in any situation.

The best cheap model

Each tool is made of stainless steel, which makes the multipurpose knife more solid and robust, in addition to preventing oxidation. It also incorporates a compass and a whistle to use in case of emergencies. It is the ideal tool for survival.

Why buy a Swiss army knife?

The advantages of having a Swiss knife are many, the main one is that you get several additional tools in one, in addition to being small enough to carry anywhere.

Tough and durable models

The Swiss army knife has a main blade, as well as several tools that are stored inside the knife handle through a pivot mechanism.

It is originally from Ibach, Switzerland, and was first manufactured in 1891, after the Karl Elsener company, which would later become Victorinox, won the commission to produce the 1890 model knife of the Swiss army of the former German manufacturer. Later, the Wenger company received its first commission from the Swiss army to produce 1890 model knives. The two companies split the knife supply contract from 1908 until Victorinox acquired Wenger in 2005.

The martensite stainless steel alloy used by these tools offers high durability and corrosion resistance. Therefore, their models have great prestige in the market and are the most chosen when looking for a quality item.

To have an accessory for every occasion

The Swiss army knives are very different from traditional knives. While in a traditional knife you will only find one blade, a Swiss army knife can have more than 10 accessories.

You can incorporate screwdrivers, can openers, scissors, nail clippers, etc. an accessory for every occasion and all in one, so you don't have to be looking for them in every corner. However, there are some pros and cons. As we see, a Swiss army knife has many more accessories than a single blade pocket knife. Depending on the Swiss army knife you can perform more or fewer tasks.

On the other hand, a razor with a Damascus blade may have a harder blade than the Swiss knife. A harder blade means that the knife will retain the edge for longer. With a Swiss army knife, you may have to sharpen it more often.

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