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What Causes One Arm To Be Bigger Than The Other?

by Rukhsana Zubair 12 months ago in health · updated 8 months ago
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One Arm Is Bigger Than the Other, How Can I Fix It?

The pursuit of bodybuilding goals presents a lot of challenges to bodybuilders. It is common to focus on nutrition and recovery, but imbalances go unnoticed. The biggest imbalance among bodybuilders is arm size.

It's not uncommon to have one bicep larger than the other. Learn this healthyell to find out why this happens and what you can do about it.

Why Is That So?

Asymmetry is more evident in the case of muscle size. Asymmetry in muscular size is probably most noticeable when we pay attention to progress and track it. It is important to note that preventable factors might be causing the variance and will make it more pronounced with time.

You could have a larger bicep for a few reasons. Underlying injuries, natural dominance, and improper training technique are the three main causes.

Dominant Hand

When it comes to the size of one bicep compared to the other, it is mostly due to the dominant hand. The dominant hand is used for more activities throughout the day than the non-dominant hand. Daily chores like picking things up from the floor or carrying groceries accumulate over time. Due to more exercise, the dominant arm naturally has a larger size.

Tendon Injury

An underlying injury might also contribute to an imbalanced bicep size. The look of your bicep when you flex can be affected by an unhealed muscular or tendon issue.

The bicep normally reattaches in the wrong place without corrective surgery after healing. Bunched muscles don't extend all the way from the shoulder to the elbow as a result of this condition. Thus, the biceps appear smaller than their counterparts.

Cheating the Movements

Proper form when training is important. Without knowing it, you could be cheating the movement and allowing other parts of your body to take over. The compensating muscles are the ones that take over a movement that was targeted elsewhere.

Muscle Fiber Proportions

It is possible that the proportions of your muscle fibers are slightly different between your arms. This means that over time, a higher proportion of fast-twitch fibers in one arm may result in more muscle growth since fast-twitch fibers have better response properties to growth.

The arm that recruits more motor units (muscle fibers) will receive more stimulation, which in turn results in more growth in that arm. This is especially true of the dominant hand, which will be better at recruiting motor units. This is rarely a determining factor, but it can still make a difference.

The most effective method to Fix One Arm Bigger Than the Other

Fixing a muscle awkwardness is really difficult, however it is truly reachable assuming you follow some basic advances that I'll list beneath.

Utilize Unilateral Exercises

Everything thing you can manage to diminish and fix a muscle unevenness for your arms is to utilize more one-sided works out. This implies that each arm will work autonomously from the other one. Take the free weight seat press for instance.

With a proper bar that is constrained by the two arms, it very well may be simple for a predominant arm to dominate and basically lift a greater amount of the weight. Assuming nonetheless, you trade a free weight with hand weights, the two arms will currently be similarly answerable for lifting precisely the same measure of weight.

The prevailing arm can presently don't help the non-predominant arm and subsequently all reps and sets will make equivalent incitement between the two arms.

This can be applied to various activities for shoulders, back, chest, and arms. I'd just alert that in certain activities, it's actually fine to utilize a proper bar however presenting more one-sided activities will assist with offsetting the preparation incitement and diminish the muscle awkward nature.

One-sided work is maybe the most useful method for lessening a muscle irregularity and this ought to be the principal thing you begin to carry out.


One arm may be larger than the other, and that's completely normal. In any case, it makes sense to want to understand how to balance out your biceps for a strong flex.

What should I do if one arm is bigger than the other? Start by identifying any imbalances that may exist. After that, isolate each arm and correct the problems by using unilateral exercises and proper form. The biceps will even out with time and effort.

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