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What Causes Acne & How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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By sajjadPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
What Causes Acne & How to Get Rid of Acne Scars
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Why acne form

The overuse of cosmetics products is a big source of acne on the face. Young boys and girls because of their aging factors attracted acne growth on their faces. The adolescence of girls and boys is the riskiest time when such type of problem occurs.

In addition, many women after the age of 30 are affected by this disease. For mature women, their main concern is not to remove acne but repairs the face skin. If the proper pedicure treatment will be taken, this disses usually eliminate within six months. In fact, acne has certain self-limitation. But you should take such treatment that must ensure to resist further acne on the face.

Acne & eating habits

Inside the body, acne produces by endocrine disorders. For better control, you need to pay attention to internal health control. If you have an acne problem, then you should avoid spicy and greasy foods. It is better to take more vitamin-oriented foods.

Inappropriate cosmetics

If you are using a cheap brand or infamous brand of cosmetics then the chances of acne forming are more. In fact, because of the development of cosmetic science, good brands always pay great attention to the effect of their products. Therefore, before buying cosmetics, always do safety research and ensures that such and such product will not cause acne on the face.

When acne gets worse

If acne on the face leads to the formation of facial scars. And If you are facing such a situation, you should know that the treatment will be a lifetime. If you are treating the problem early or timely. You will not only shorten the problem but prevent the formation of scars.

Skin cleansing is the priority

In fact, those women who have acne repetition problems do not take sufficient importance for skin cleansing. On the contrary, sometimes excessive cleansing is also the factor to aggravates the skin pores. If you are using multiple products simultaneously. You should avoid such usage. It is better to use one effective product that improves the quality of the face.

Young people misunderstanding

Some people realized that acne is a disease that occurs during adolescence age. When young people get married this disease is automatically cured. In reality, if better treatment is not taken timely. The acne will exist repeatedly, over and over again. Sometimes you have the illusion that this disease can not be cured in your lifetime. If you also belong to such people then you should know that disease can be cured but it requires regular or timely treatment.

For some people acne has self-limiting. The disses start in adolescence and the problem gradually solves when a specific time is passed. But not necessarily every man or woman has been lucky enough. So, if you are facing such a problem, you should take the appropriate cure if necessary.

What is the method to clean acne-prone face

1. Before washing the face, always make sure to wet your face with lukewarm water.

2. Apply the skin cleanser to the palm of your hand, add some water and rub the face skin until a lather is formed.

3. Stay with your pat face and skin cleanser for about 3 minutes, massage your face, and put more focus on T-zone.

4. Now rinse your cleansing foam with lukewarm water and clean the face with a towel. Give more time to absorb the moisture.

How to lighten the lighten acne scars

1. You must know that you have to maintain the habit to clean your face every day.

2. Apply a good quality acne treatment product.

3. Use the appropriate amount.

4. In the face areas where most of the acnes are present gently rub the skin and try to absorb the total quantity of cream.

5. The ance take months to disappear, so use it continuously. Ances will disappear gradually.

6. When the acne completely disappears try to use another cream for further prevention.

How to get rid of acne

1. If you are using the protection cream, add or subtract the cream quantity based on the severity of the acne.

2. If the problem is too much-complicated try to use the best product 4–6 times a day.

3. Always use creams with clean hands.

4. The better approach is to take the cotton swab to avoid bacterial growth

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