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may soon be part of the school curriculum

By SabrinaPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

English and Maths typically dominate the considerations around GCSEs, leaving thoughts of aliens far behind. However, one British UFO enthusiast asserts that Ufology could soon emerge as a ‘mainstream subject,’ reflecting a global trend towards an extraterrestrial ‘paradigm shift.’

Gary Heseltine, a former detective, is eager to transform traditional academics both in the UK and internationally. He believes that recent U.S. legislation holds the potential to reveal the truth regarding alien visitors.

The consideration of the UFO Disclosure Bill by the U.S. Senate, if approved, would require the American government to publicly share documents related to potential UFO sightings.

Should this occur, Heseltine thinks it would represent ‘the most profound moment in human history.’ He further believes that society is ‘unprepared’ to educate both children and adults about UFOs and their importance, highlighting the monumental impact such a disclosure could have on our understanding of the universe.

Because of this profound potential impact, Heseltine is assisting in the development of a series of online courses. He will teach these courses remotely to help educate people about UFOs and related phenomena.

Serving as the vice president of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER), Heseltine states that his views are supported by 30 countries. These nations are also advocating for the creation of new courses in History and Religion to explore these extraordinary subjects.

‘We see our role as trying to be educators for what is coming,’ he told MailOnline.

‘So, we’re preparing courses, and we will be totally reliant on funding. But it will come as and when you’re either on the brink or after that paradigm shift where “it’s” acknowledged.

‘Because then people are going to go “we’ll we need to brief our people”, they’ll come to us and say “we’ll fund courses for you to do”.

‘If you do your basic kindergarten at school, are you going to teach history in the same way?

‘I think there will be university degrees and Ufology will become a mainstream subject. Whichever name you want to call it, essentially, ufologists will become a mainstream.’

Heseltine’s reflections coincide with the anticipation that the US Senate will consider the UFO Disclosure Bill. This legislation aims to make all information connected to ‘unidentified anomalous phenomena’ (UAPs) public. If approved, the records must be released to the public no later than 25 years after their creation, unless the president deems that their release would pose a threat to national security.

Heseltine is of the opinion that this law will assist in revealing the truth about UFOs, and he suggests that the UK may even enact similar legislation in its pursuit of the same objective.

‘As of when and if this major disclosure event happens we’re talking about the most profound moment in human history, and the world at the moment is totally unprepared for it, because 95 per cent of the world thinks it’s foolish.

‘So that’s going to be huge “hit the brick wall” for some people.

‘And part of ICER’s remit over the last couple of years is to start developing courses for all sections of society – religion, aviation, because people are going to go from nothing to suddenly “we need to catch up here”.’

As of now, the only course to have been launched by ICER is ‘Evidential History.’ It was initially conducted in February, consisting of a six-hour lesson spread over two days.

Future subjects such as Religion, Aviation, and even Technology are in the planning stages but remain under development.

These courses are created to be accessible to individuals of all ages, with specialized classes to be offered at a cost that has yet to be determined.

Associate Professor Geoff Dancy, a political scientist at the University of Toronto, expressed agreement with several of ICER’s central ideas. However, he emphasized to MailOnline that education must always be rooted in ‘established historical and scientific propositions,’ highlighting the importance of a rigorous and grounded approach to the subject matter.

He said: ‘In principle, ICER supports the scientific method, and it resists dogmatism (see their About and Mission pages). I support that. The problem is that they do not really follow the scientific method, which in essence roots claims in observable and replicable evidence.

‘Obviously textbooks and teaching curricula should be based on established historical and scientific propositions.

‘We can never prove or disprove any proposition with 100 per cent certainty, but some propositions, or claims, have a great deal more evidentiary support than others. The evidence presented by ICER on its website is not good. It is what we may refer to as anecdata.’

The associate professor also said that governments may be hiding details on extraterrestrials, but stressed that many conspiracy theories surround this.

‘The idea that “the government” is hiding details about extraterrestrials is interesting and possible,’ he continued.

‘And as far as conspiracy theories go, it’s one of the least pernicious. Belief in aliens is not itself a conspiracy theory; the idea that authorities are hiding information about aliens is a conspiracy theory.

‘But there is an irony here. If all of the observable evidence of aliens remains hidden – because of a conspiracy – then there is no available data to support the proposition that aliens exist.

‘If conspirators are successfully hiding information about extraterrestrials from the masses, then groups like ICER are rooting their propositions in what they believe, not what they know. In the end, this is not science, because science is based on overcoming doubts, not supporting beliefs.’

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