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Uber Eats doesn’t have Customer Service?

by Cysmithdev 7 months ago in food

A delivery service without customer service

Is Uber customer service non existent?

During the quarantine, allot of people are opting to use delivery services to supplement restaurants. Even myself. I’m sure there has been a surge in sales when it comes to mobile applications that provide delivery services since the quarantine.

Just recently, I ran into a hitch with UberEats. When ordering with one of my promo codes, It just wouldn’t work so I went to the help services and realized there was no way to contact customer services through their in app support services.

I decided to Google ways to contact customer services. I found out that one of the best ways to contact them is through their social media support accounts. So, that’s what I did. I was shocked to find out that a reputable company like Uber relies solely on a chat bot system to deal with customer service issues.

That’s not even the worst part. When you use the chat bot system, it takes a really long time for them to reply back and let’s say you want to respond to that reply. You are not going to get an immediate response. The only way to trigger a response is to is to submit a new complaint to the social media account and wait again for them to reply eventually.

Let’s just say that after 5 backn’forth reply’s with this system, not only was I exhausted but I also didn’t get a solution for the issues I presented. And I’m not the only one. If you read the complaints on Twitter and Facebook allot of people are frustrated by the non responsive customer service. There are people who have been trying to resolve their complaints for months without any resolution. Which I believe could’ve easily been handled if Uber had an in person customer service center.

Now don’t get me wrong. I understand the company’s position to take this route. It saves money that can be invested into something else. Also being a company that hires via app with independent contractors, adding a separate customer service option can be hard. My only problem is this is at the expense of customers trust.

There is more to a company than revenue, convenience and accessibility, there is also accountability. Although it seems like Uber holds a sort of monopoly on cab services when it comes to food delivery, there are many options for customers other than their product. And if they don’t fix the overall experience people will leave for other alternatives.

Solutions: If you do use uber eats, never pay in debit with a pin, always pay as a credit transaction. This helps in case you need to file a dispute with bank. So they can immediately resolve the solution. Also keep all messages! Screenshot them because Uber might trick you into deleting your message history then ask for it later.

Conclusion: Uber eats and Uber in general does not have a customer service. For me this is a big turn off and unless they are offering me a good bargain, I will now be afraid or hesitant to use it. With Grubhub,caviar,DoorDash and Post-mates, i can make good without using Uber eats.

I hardly use this app in the first place. It’s usually only used when all the other apps retailers are closed. I also use grocery apps like Instacart because for the same price of one meal on a delivery, I can get groceries and prepare more than one meal for the price I would have paid from one meal from delivery options.

I’ve called Uber support line and they are not accepting any calls. I hope that eventually Uber eats catches on because they have a great product.

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