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The Broken Path (Cave of trials series)

by Cysmithdev 2 months ago in fantasy


“Boy! You must not lose your foundation, I swear the little things, are the things you ignore.” Rasti swept the staff under the boys feet making him head face first towards the clay courtyard,”Yes you can easily counter me duppi’s attack but yet my kaga, you are hopeless ”rasti sucked his teeth in the long way that most natives of this land mastered by adulthood. “Why are you still on the ground! Get up”, “Again!”.


Seena crawled to her dagger. She would not let Davi kill her, she needed to protect her firstborn. Since her pregnancy this man who used to be her husband had invaded her home. It was gradual in the first months, his usual volatile temper turned into rage till around six months ago he started hitting her. She wished she ran away then. Now was maybe too late.

One of her legs were broken and as she crawled she began to siphon some of her healing magi from her 8 month unborn child to her leg. In a moment of desperation She’d sent her dupi away to Rasti for help.He was still half an hour away and with her dupi gone she was defenseless from Davi’s dupi attacks. She would kill Davi before letting him kill Her and their baby. So she continued to crawl.

She’d fought him off long enough tonight to injure him near fatally. “Seeeeeeeena” Davi Drawled, “ I know you’re in here Seena I can smell him I can smell Him” “ I can Smell the little pickney in you” “he will die tonight and unfortunately so will you” Seena hissed “Unfortunately”?

This thing chasing her through her house with her husbands face and voice didn’t care for her. Now inches away from her Kaga Dagger she grabbed it and squeezed the hilt channeling all the rage she’d held onto since her pregnancy and her love turning into this thing, all the rage she held back because of her healer’s tendencies to want to nurture the ill, all of it into her kaga mixed with love, pain and guilt.

The hilt lit to life and the etchings along the side brazed red. In one impulse she healed herself completely letting go most of the healing barrier protecting her son. With her Kaga fueled, even his dupi couldn’t protect him now.

She shadow stepped and the world slowed around her as she volted right in front of Davi and pierced between his ribs and in one mental notion extended the Kaga's blade directly to his heart.

“Unfortunately.... l have to kill you!. She collapsed with Davi in her arms and her eye’s began to transform from its crazed state back to her loving calm.

“Thank you” Davi struggled to say as blood coughed from his mouth “My dupi possessed….” Seena looked up to the heavens and screamed. The powers that be would get their fill of raw emotion from Senna tonight.


Rasti was in the middle of training this young brat when he caught the light of a willow wisp flying his way. What confused him was that he could not find its master. As the dupi approached him, he realized it belonged to Seena.

Rasti reached out his hand and a bright golden streak shot from his fingers into the agitated wisp. Images flew through his mind as his eyes glowed white. “Seena’s in trouble...”

The young boy peered with curiosity as the old fart who had been beating the crap out of him for the last 3 hours disintegrated into a golden streak rushing at high speeds westwards to the city.

To be continued... will release another chapter after I feel enough people have read this one.

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