Tips for Summer Yard Maintenance

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Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors, and spend some time in your yard.

Tips for Summer Yard Maintenance

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors, and spend some time in your yard. However, it can be a little challenging to keep your yard clean and beautiful after the fall season, as there surely are many fallen leaves on the lawn. If you want to get your yard ready for summer, nonetheless, you can follow these useful tips for summer yard maintenance.

Mow Your Lawn.

Focus on your lawn first as there are probably debris and many fallen leaves all over it. Before you mow your lawn, you need to check your mower first, as well as your string trimmer. When cutting into the lawn, set the blades as high as possible to help keep the soil healthy. Taller blades also help give shade, and maintain the moisture of the soil, despite the dry heat of the summer.

Get Rid of Weeds.

Start weeding now while it’s still easy, and before roots establish. Get rid of all the weeds in trees and bushes with the use of your trimmer. If you normally find it hard to weed, the best time to do it is after it rains, or when your garden bed is well-watered. It is very easy to weed your garden when the soil is wet, and those weeds with roots easily slide out of moist dirt.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Work on trimming and pruning the trees and bushes in your yard while it’s still hot. Cut the bushes and plants properly, as they can be great hiding places not only for intruders, but also for termites, and other insects. Keep the vines trimmed as well, as they may create various problems for your yard and your home. Rodents and different insects may climb them from the ground, so you always have to keep track of the vines in your yard, and trim them whenever you have time.

Test Your Soil.

Before you plant anything in your garden, you may test the soil first. There are lots of land-grant schools that offer soil testing for some bucks, and you may want to consider it. After testing your soil, they will tell you about its nutrients and pH balance. This will let you know if you have the right soil for your garden, or if you need to find a healthier one.

Apply Fertilizer

If your soil is sound and healthy, you can start applying fertilizer. The soil test will let you know which nutrients your soil lacks, so you can use a fertilizer with those nutrients. It is a deal to use well-balanced fertilizers such as 6-6-6 or 10-10-10. If you want to make this job easier, you can use a volt sprayer to apply fertilizer instead of a manual sprayer.

Water Your Lawn.

Of course, your lawn needs enough hydration for its growth and nutrition. Your lawn basically needs at least an inch of water weekly. It may come from rain, or you may water your lawn using your water hose. Water your lawn early in the morning, so all the moisture can be absorbed by the soil before the heat from the sun dries it up.

Repair Walkways and Driveways

Winter can cause various damage to your walkways, driveways, and pavers, especially when you use your plow and snow blower. If there are any gaps in concrete, fix them immediately. Also, check for loose pavements, and make sure to secure them. You should also check your garage door openers for any damage, since they are one of the most important parts of your yard. Take good care of them, so you can enjoy their benefits for a long time.

Sharpen the Mower Blade.

Your mower blade is very important to make mowing easy and effective. If you have dull mower blades, they are likely to tear the grass, instead of cutting it cleanly. This is why you need to check the blades of your mower and sharpen them. It is best to sharpen your lawn mower during the summer, so you don’t have to bother doing it when it’s snowing, or when it’s too cold outside.

Plant New Flowers.

Freshen up your yard by planting more flowers in your garden. Choose fresh, interesting colors that will complement your house color, and make your yard more vibrant and colorful. Plant as many as you can while it’s still hot, and you still have ample time to do some gardening. Place some plants and flowers at your front door to make your home more inviting.

Decorate Your Yard.

It is also a great time to do some decorating in your yard. Make your entire outdoor space more beautiful and lively by adding some classy and colorful decorations. There are many garden and home decorations you can use if you will let your creativity flow. You may also want to add in-ground basketball hoops for some cool entertainment.

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