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Three one pot meal

Hi everyone , welcome to simplify if you are like me and love nourishing foods that are tasty yet easy to make . this Article is for you because in this article .I'm giving you recipes for three one pot meals that are packed with health and nutrition if you are interested keep reading.

By AashiPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Three one pot meal
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Hi everyone , welcome to simplify if you are like me and love nourishing foods that are tasty yet easy to make . this Article is for you because in this article .I'm giving you recipes for three one pot meals that are packed with health and nutrition if you are interested keep reading.

The first recipe is a khichdi but this is not your regular Dal chawal khichdi this khichdi is made using foxtail Millet which is also known as kangni or tinai in local languages foxtail Millet looks something like this the grains look slightly bigger than suji or semolina millets have a far superior
nutrition profile as compared to our regular grains like wheat and rice millets are packed with micronutrients like vitamins minerals iron as well as a very good antioxidant profile and therefore including millets in your diet at least twice a week can give you some amazing health benefits . I always soak the foxtail Millet For six to seven hours before cooking soaking is a great way to get rid of the anti-nutrients in millets I am making this foxtail Millet khichdi in a pressure cooker .once the cooker has heated up add 2 teaspoons ghee to it temper the ghee with some black mustard seeds Curry leaves and some white urad Dal add chopped onions and some finely chopped Ginger to the ghee and mix everything once the onions soften up a little bit add veggies of your choice. I'm adding some chopped carrots .

i also add some peanuts for the
Crunch and some raisins for the sweetness add salt to taste and some turmeric powder .mix everything well once everything is nicely sauteed add the soaked and rinsed foxtail Millet and mix everything after a few minutes of cooking add water to the pressure cooker I'm adding two and a half cups of water to 1 cup of soaked foxtail millet give everything a good mix and close the lid of the pressure cooker pressure cook the khichdi for five to six whistles this will take anywhere around 15 to 20 minutes let the pressure release and open the lid of the pressure cooker. this is what my foxtail Milletkhachery looks like I like this consistency of the khesari

if you like your khichiri to be more runny you can add another extra cup of water before pressure cooking add some chopped coriander leaves and mix the
khichdi well with accompaniments of your choice. I like to keep it really basic and I'm serving it with some curd here you can
see I'm also adding some extra ghee to
my khichdi. I'm also serving some garlic Chutney on the side and a piece of lemon the lemon will help with better absorption of iron from the foxtail millet

my second one pot meal recipe is called
matki bhat ( sprouts rice) inspired by the masale bath of Maharashtra matki also known as moth pean looks something like this .I usually like to sprout matki for my recipes .so l usually soak the matki overnight and then I wrap it in a doth the next day and let it Sprout matki or moth pean is a legume that has a great nutritive profile matki is rich in calcium .which makes it excellent for bone health in my article on foods for gut I mentioned how the dietary fiber in legumes like matki are excellent for supporting the growth of the friendly bacteria in our. gut matki also has zinc which is crucial for our immune Health let's get to the recipe of matki bath . add some ghee and allow it to heat up then add some cumin seeds Curry leaves and chopped garlic and cook till the garlic turns golden brown in color .add some chopped onions and allow the onions to soften a little bit add some salt turmeric powder
and some chopped tomatoes foreign mushy at this point. I'm adding a special Masala called the maharashtrian Goda
Masala now you can purchase this Masala
online or you could use a combination of
cumin coriander chili and garam masala
powder to this recipe. now to this Masala add the sprouted matki beans and cook everything together for a few minutes .
next add in the washed rice and give everything a good stir and appropriate amount of water and cover the saucepan with a lid for 10 to 12 minutes on a medium Flame once the matki bhat is ready add chopped coriander leaves and mix everything.once you serve your matki bhat you can top it up with some ghee and grated coconut. I am serving my matki bath with a bowl of curd a slice of lemon and some green Chutney you can always choose accompaniments of your choice

Pot meal recipe is that of bajra moong Dal khichdi this is easily one of my favorite khichdi recipes it is one of those Comfort Foods that are very very easy to make is very nutritious and tastes great too bajra or Pearl Millet like foxtail Millet has a very good profile of micronutrients like vitamins minerals iron folate and phosphorus bajra also has a good amount of protein and together with moong Dal it offers a complete profile of amino acids for the
body for this recipe I pulse the bajra one or two times in the mixer and then soak
this very coarsely ground bajra in water for a couple of hours remove any dirt or husk that floats on top of the water also soak equal portion of yellow moong Dal in a separate container now add some ghee to a pressure cooker once it heats up add cumin seeds] chopped Ginger and chopped green chillies to the ghee once the ghee turns aromatic add in the soaked and washed bajra and give it a good stir then add the soaked and washed yellow moong Dal and mix again I have used half a cup of bajra and half a cup of yellow moong Dal for this recipe which makes it a total of 1 Cup add some turmeric powder
some asafoetida or Hing and salt and mix
everything well after a few minutes Add Water. I add double the amount of water as that of the bajra and moong Dal so for 1 cup of bajra and moong Dal I am adding 2
full cups of water taste the water to check the amount of salt close the lid of the pressure cooker and cook for 10 to 12 minutes or five to six reasons

let the pressure release completely and open the lid give your bajra khichdi a good stir and go ahead to serve it add a generous dollop of ghee to your khichdi I am serving my bajra khich di with a bowl of curd and some coriander vadi so those are the recipes for three of my favorite one pot meals these are the recipes I look up to for days when I'm on a hurry yet want something nutritious and tasty on my plate let me know in the comments if you have your version of one of these khich dis or if you end up trying one of my recipes in future l would love to know see you guys in my next video take care until then bye


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