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The worst error I made as a creator

I had a network instead of an "Audience"

By FaheemPublished about a month ago 2 min read

The worst error I made as a creator was believing I had a network instead of an "Audience" because of my ego, ambition, and the superficial nature of social media.

It's simple to become fixated on ideas of attention and influence, as well as on the flimsy popularity race. Furthermore, my art has wandered far from sincerity over the past few years and detached itself from reality.

With social media's echo chambers and algorithms, it was simple to assume that the numbers were individuals who were excitedly anticipating my next great idea or message. It's an illusion, a surface layer that fails to convey the depth of true interpersonal relationships. But the platforms aren't the only ones to blame. My sense of significance is also to blame.

The word "audience" conveys a one-way relationship; it refers to a group of people who are there to watch, read, or listen to what I do. This viewpoint is inherently faulty in addition to being constrictive. It fails to recognize the significance of being a part of a dynamic, interactive network for a creative in the digital age.

An audience is static, but a network is dynamic. It's not a broadcast to an anonymous audience. It's all about participation, sharing, and developing together. It includes learning just as much as teaching and listening just as much as speaking. Every node and person in a network has the potential to be a collaborator, an inspiration, or a critical voice that may provide insightful criticism.

On the other side of the screen, there are people. They are not here to make up the remaining 1,000 genuine fans that we have. As data points on an analytics dashboard, they do not exist. Furthermore, people have so much more to offer than just their time to read an article or watch a video. I can't and I won't continue to treat readers of my work as if they were fictional characters in a role-playing game.

Acknowledging this has changed everything. It has caused me to change my emphasis from getting praise to starting conversations. I'm more concerned with the caliber of my interactions with my followers than I am with their quantity. Because I was previously deceived by the allure of surface-level measures, this strategy has helped me discover new opportunities for creativity and personal development. I talk to people more now than I have in the past. Additionally, I listen for longer. And I study a lot of the time. My thoughts develop, evolve, and alter with each encounter. Delusions of grandeur cannot match the profound richness that exists here.

There's a humility that comes with the change. When your following count is growing, it's easy to get carried away by the numbers and start believing your own hype. Thoughts, experiences, and contributions are all unique to each follower, and acknowledging this fact serves as a reminder that I am a part of something bigger than myself and that success isn't solely determined by likes or shares, but also by the impact I have on other people and the impact they have on me in return.

I'm not some sort of liar internet superstar, and I never want to be. The influencer's road appears incredibly alone. I write for a living. I pen things down. Finding readers for my writing is a valuable experience that I do not take for granted. It is a daily source of joy and gratitude for me. It is a gift.

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