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The Spring Clean

by Amethyst Champagne about a year ago in how to
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and how I do it

The Spring Clean
Photo by I Do Nothing But Love on Unsplash

Ah, so spring is right around the corner, the days getting longer, the air warming up, and the green reappearing.

During this time, it's common for all of us to want to do some cleaning. Why spring? Who knows. Maybe because it represents a new beginning, much like the new year.

I certainly feel happier when the sun is shining high in the sky and the air smells fresh.

But where do we start? Well, this will depend on each person, no one having the same methods, thought process, or house type.

So I'll tell you how I do it.

Now I don't clean everything in one day, as that would overwhelm me, but the first thing I tend to do is start opening the windows beforehand to allow the warm air to freshen up my house.

I know it's not cleaning or reorganizing, but it does put a little pep in my step, as does plugging myself into my music, which helps motivate me for.

After that, I start sifting through my clothes, pulling out each type and throwing them onto my bed. I then grab each piece of clothing, deciding if I'm gonna keep it.

My main rule for clothing is if I haven't worn or don't plan on wearing it for six months, I let it go.

But instead of throwing it away, unless I have no other choice, or selling it, I either donate the clothes or give them to friends I think might like and can fit into them.

I mean, why deny someone else the ability to wear the clothes you don't want anymore?

I try doing the same with other items, but they often get recycled. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that happens with all of them. Plenty of these items also get donated.

When that is complete, I begin to clean, which I actually like doing, whether or not you believe me, starting with my room. It's never easy, my room being tiny and often having things thrown on my floor, either from reorganizing, or laziness.

I dust, vacuum, and spray down the windows and mirrors, sometimes cleaning off the ceiling and walls with a Magic Easer, if I'm on a roll.

I also wash dirty clothes, my sheets, and duvet cover, dust accumulating from other cleaning and me placing objects on it, doing a quickly cleaning in the laundry room.

I move to the bathroom, another daunting task. I always start with the sink area, moving stuff around to clean the counters with natural cleaners like Method all purpose spray cleaner, since that's what I prefer, quickly moving to the shower after that.

I clean the toilet and floor last, keeping my cleaning systematic to certain spots as I go.

Which transfers to the kitchen, which is easier, where I clean off the counters, sink, and stove first. I then do the cabinet doors, top of the fridge, also with a Magic Easer, and the dishwasher.

Sometimes I scour inside the fridge in the middle, throwing away anything past its sell by date or any meals that have been in there for over a week, cleaning the shelves before putting everything in its proper place.

I finish the kitchen with a thorough sweeping and mopping, floors always the last thing I clean. No need to dirty a freshly cleaned floor after all.

I then move to the living room, which is right next to the kitchen, usually my final area of cleaning, where I also vacuum, dust, and wipe down the windows.

Depending on how deeply I clean, it can involve furniture moving and making a mess. Luckily, I clean that area when no one's home, so it doesn't impede on anyone.

But it's worth the workout when I'm done, the house smelling cleaner and feeling less cluttered, sitting in my chair, proud of myself.

Now I can't say this is how you do it or feel, but I hope I put a positive spin on cleaning and maybe gave you some ideas.

P.S. Tips are highly appreciated :)

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