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The Pillars Of The Earth and The Scarlet Letter Book Reviews

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon 4 months ago in book reviews
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The two famous books review

The Pillars Of The Earth and The Scarlet Letter Book Reviews
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Book Review

The famous novel "The Pillar of the Earth'' was written by Holwelsh author Ken Follett. This is one of his historical novels It was published in 1989. The novel is based on the construction of a cathedral in a fictional town in Kingsbridge, England.

The story revolves around the time between the sinking of a white ship and the assassination of Thomas Beckett in the twelfth century. The novel also highlights the state of early anarchy.

The book focuses on the development of some architecture outside of earlier Romanesque architecture and the lifestyle of a village centered around the background of historical events at that time.

Folet was a religious writer of the trilogy, and he was known as such until the publication of the novel. Pillar of the Earth tops his list of best-selling books. The novel was made into a 6-part mini-series in 2010 and a video game in 2017. He was ranked 33rd on the BBC's Big Read list.

The book was selected for the Opera House Book Club in the United States in 2007 It debuted as the first book in the Kingsbridge series.

In 1999, Follett wrote on the front page of Pillars of the Earth for readers that he had grown up in a Puritan-based family with many places of worship.

While writing novels, he learned about medieval architecture and became interested in cathedrals. He thinks that long ago his interest should have been turned into a novel.

He added that the book publishers were nervous about publishing such books. But this is one of his favorite books. The author is very proud of the book. It is an inspirational book for the people of the village.

The book is especially important for the people living there to know intimately. The city of Kingsbridge in the novel is fictional

In addition to the construction of the cathedral, the novel shows the rise of Kingsbridge in the town from the village, which is closely connected to the village of Backwoods.

The growing wealth of the city's artisans and merchants illustrated their existence. The novel can create a good idea about the Middle Ages.

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The Scarlet Letter Book Review

The famous American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the novel "Scarlet Letter". It was first published in 1850.

The main theme of the novel is about a girl. Who conceives and struggles for the rest of her life to gain dignity. The book deals with sin, guilt, religion, etc.

The main story is about a woman committing adultery and giving birth to a child illegally. She was convicted of adultery. One day when the sun was shining, she came out of the prison with the child and stood on a stage.

At that time the woman's arrow was ruled by strict Puritan law and the fate of an adulterous woman became a curse.

The letter 'A' symbolized the curse and Hester's gown had the letter 'A' written in red. The word 'adultery' was indicated by the letter 'A', which means adultery. Although Hester was guilty, her character later became brighter.

In the novel, Hester develops a strong, faithful, patient, child-friendly character. So even though she is guilty, she is an interesting central character in the novel.

The novel's protagonist, Hester Prince, has a strange life, and how Arthur escapes the law after being convicted of the same crime. The life and nature of the baby pearl. And the story of Arthur's defeat to his conscience.

Through this novel, the author has painted many life stories, various images of the society mixed with the strengths and weaknesses of the people.

"The Scarlet Letter" is a precious gem of American literature. The novel gained much popularity and sold about two and a half thousand copies on the day it was published. The novel was published in 1850.

Within six months of its first publication, two editions of the book were published, and since then the publication of the book has not stopped.

Prominent literary critics have praised the novel, saying that "after a long time an American author has written a novel that has made it to the top of the list of bestselling books published in England".

It also has the power to take a place in the world, at the same time its structural mastery and symbolic form attract the attention of literary analysts.

Teachers and students of American history and literature still pick up the book to get an idea of ​​the life, law, and society of England in the seventeenth century.

The story of the novel is from 1642 to 1649 in Boston, England. A woman who has committed adultery with her child on her lap will confess her crime and at the same time, she will name her partner.

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