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The Most Popular Tile Patterns For Wall And Floor Coverings

Collection Of The Most Popular Tile Patterns

By PriyasharmaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Most Popular Tile Patterns

Here is a guide for the most popular tile patterns for wall and floor coverings.

Here is a guide for most popular tile patterns for wall and floor coverings. Floor And Wall tiles play an important role in the interior finish of the house. Thus, how to choose a good flooring that adapts to the space used is a matter of drawing everyone's attention.

Most Popular Tile Patterns

Marble Stone Background Tiles

Marble tiles include wall tiles and floor tiles. With a marble pattern that brings a natural and luxurious beauty. Fresh colors for open spaces.

Marble tiles mainly use neutral colors. The longer the color gamut, the more beautiful, elegant and modern the house will be. Marble stone tiles are imported from developed countries such as Spain, Italy, Indonesia, India.

Marble stone tiles have many outstanding advantages. In addition to scratch resistance and high impact strength. Also very resistant to heat, antifouling and anti-mold very well. Using marble tile for your home space, your dream home space will bring a European class of luxury.

Marble Stone Background Tiles

Natural Stone Vein Background Tiles

Natural stone veined tiles are products inspired by natural stone design ideas with subtle and sharp simulation lines. Currently, this line of tiles also has many different types such as: marble imitation, natural stone imitation with each different pattern, they will be suitable for each particular space. Close to nature but also in keeping with modern European architecture, typically Italian in style.

The stone tiles material also depends on the manufacturer and size. With large sizes, the tiles will be made primarily of stone powder to ensure the hardness and durability of the tiles.

Natural Stone Vein Background Tiles

Wood Grain Tiles

Imitation wooden tiles is a type of tiles with many prominent features. The tiles are quite light, have beautiful natural colors and patterns, smooth and smooth surface, do not make noise when moving, resist slipping, scratching and high compression, do not ignite, do not expand, are easy to protect birth, anti bacteria, mold. With dwindling forest resources, imitation wood tiles are the optimal alternative to wood.

By using imitation wood tiles, your living space will become more beautiful, luxurious and impressive. It contributes to increase the aesthetic value of the house compared to the use of conventional tiles.

Wood Grain Tiles

Cemented Tiles

Cement-engineered tiles is also known by other names such as imitation concrete or colored concrete tiles. This line of tiles is becoming more and more popular with Indian consumers. Choice of use by Indian family thanks to its outstanding advantages. First of all, the pure natural beauty products from natural cement. Not only that, the tiles patterns are designed according to the modern trend. Bring in a luxurious and elegant living space.

Imitation concrete tiles are designed with a variety of surface patterns. Live, but also full of sophistication and skill. The products are designed with very smooth patterns. Soft, but very simple and full of poetry. Good quality cement designed tiles products are mainly polished glazed porcelain tiles, so the tiles are quite durable and long lasting. This line of tiles has a variety of sizes such as: 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 80 x 80 so that users can consult and choose the right products for their family's needs.

Cemented Tiles

Old Tiles

Antique tiles are defined as processed products made from solid tiles collected from the old building dismantling process. Old tiles is a tiles product produced by an industrial process using digital enamel technology or by hand to create patterns and colors like patterns and shades like old tiles. With this category, the product is quite diverse, but the patterns and colors do not bring the simple classic beauty of the old tiles patterns.

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