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The DI-Why Sequel

A Step by Step Confession

By Judey Kalchik Published 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read

This is a sequel. Like all sequels, I imagine, it is being launched with trepidation. To find out how this mess happened, take a moment and catch up here. I’ll wait.

After several more YouTube videos and the sense that 'I might as well get it over with', I decided to take the plunge and just DO IT. So here is, step-by-step, the upcycling process.

The beginning

Because my knees aren't what they used to be, I needed a flat hard surface on which to work. The kitchen table was in a general flurry due to Thanksgiving keto cooking (which was MARVELOUS and maybe I'll detail that later), so I went to plan B: the ironing board.

Seldom used for actual ironing it is my version of a crafting sawhorse- erected only when there is serious business afoot. I topped it with a flattened box to provide sufficient workspace and also so I wouldn't cut through the ironing pad. That done, I laid out the jumpsuit.

author's photo

This looks crazy to me. I almost backed out once I realized there was a seam up the front and back- a seam that DID NOT match to preserve the albeit limited repetitive message.

Also, I took a brief moment to wonder how apropos it would be to plaster the word 'ho' across my bosoms. Even that didn't deter me from the project, so I turned my attention to the neckline, which would become the bottom of the blouse.

author's photo.

I considered carefully measuring and marking this. But then I realized that would mean things like tape measurers, rulers, string, or something, and that seemed even harder than figuring out how to erect the ironing board (which almost derailed the whole thing). So I winged it.

author's photo

Oh yeah- no going back now. Cutting went well. The only thing that would have been better was if I had used the fabric scissors instead of the all-purpose scissors. Details.

author's photo

The Cut is complete, and I realized I had inadvertently created a crop top for Pebbles Flintstone. In my size. Kinda.

There will be no photos -ever- of me trying this on because it just wasn't up to the job. Did I keep it? Of course! It will go into the box with 'scraps that will come in handy one day' for my children to throw out when they hire someone to clean my house after I die.

On to the crotch, which is destined to be the new neckline. On the way to the crotch I learned sommething that normally would have filled me with joy, but that I hadn't realized was present.

authors photo

Pockets. This thing has pockets, one on each side.

author's phot

Now- I am a pocket gal, as are most women. We squeal and show them off at the slightest provocation, and apologize to people when they compliment garments that don't have them ('Thank you, I just wish it had pockets')

Now there I am with pockets that would be around my waist if I had decided to suck it up and wear the upside-down printed thing as it was. But now I'd Marie Antoinette'd the neck and was committed to this... albeit with a pocket just under each arm area, if my eyeballing this thing was accurate. I think a pouch under my arm in the prime area of side fat is not an ideal situation.

How the heck could I have missed pockets? Ah well, in for a penny in for a pound, I suppose.

Time to turn it inside out and make the neckline.

author's photo

Once I had it turned right-side in I realized two things:

  1. The fabric looked much better when it didn't show the color and printing
  2. The box had printing that could have helped me cut a straight line if I'd noticed it before. Oh Well.

According to the videos, the cut should be between five and nine inches. It should be straight or curved. On the seam or an inch after the seam. The message is clear- I was on my own, alone with my best guess.

author's photo

I went with a cool seven inches, nipping it off just under the seam from top of leg to top of leg. It was too easy. Deceptively easy. I realized that it will just keep unraveling, so I'm resigned to having to insert a few stiches. And I'll probably also have to hem it. There's only one way to know, though: trying it on.

I asked my husband to photograph this next part, which I am dubbing The Crowning.

author photo

Let me tell you- I should have done 8 or 9 inches, so for sure more cutting is in my future. But my head popped right through it, and the arms/legs aren't too long at all!

author photo

And the pockets? I tucked them in and pushed them towards the front; I think it made nice draping (look at me! designer language!) The seam? Ugh. I can't stand when seams aren't matched... but I need to remind myself that this is FREE and I received full credit for it.

author photo

What's next? Well, widen the neckline/crotch about two inches, for sure. Then I'll cut up each side about three inches to make room for my hips and not have the gramma pooch emphasized, then turn under and hem the thing.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. Would I do it again? Maybe if I had something that didn't have print. And I was desperate. Or naked and that was the only material I owned. Maybe.


What do you think about this experiment? Comments always welcomed.

Here's a few real videos on how to try it yourself:

Here's the actual thing I bought- note that the printing is upside down on the photo!

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  • Rick Henry Christopher 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed reading this. I actually started it four times and every time I started my mom would call for me. Finally, I got through it. I loved it... Loved it and I love your new top. It looks great.

  • Why, I do believe you're ready for a spot on next year's Project Runway!

  • Very impressive! I loved the tale of this garment’s restyling… glad you had a positive outcome.

  • Mariann Carroll3 months ago

    I love how your humor involved in creating the story and the wonderful out come of a Christmas blouse, better than a Christmas sweater. Thanks for sharing your journey of creation 💐❤️🥳

  • J. S. Wade3 months ago

    Dear Judey, I just received an email from Mrs. Santa. She’d like to place an order for 878 of these for her and some select elf’s. You are so creative!

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