Products That Help You Stop Contributing to Plastic Waste

These products make it easy to stop contributing to plastic waste.

Products That Help You Stop Contributing to Plastic Waste

Often, when people think about "going green," they think it's going to be a big, inconvenient ordeal. That doesn't have to be the case! You can stop contributing to plastic waste by making simple changes in the products you purchase.

How many plastic water bottles do you use per day? Three? Five? Well, you don't have to use any. If you buy a reusable water bottled, it can completely eliminate plastic bottled water from your life, which also means you don't have to bother to recycle. One of the most popular reusable water bottle brands is Brita, as it filters the tap water you put in it for a cleaner drinking experience.

Did you know that in California, you have to pay $0.10 per plastic grocery bag? That's because the state is working hard to cut down on plastic waste—and so should you! Stop contributing to plastic waste by buying grocery bags you can reuse. Happily, this trend has become so popular that you can buy reusable bags that have all kinds of cool designs on them! Shop in style while getting rid of those pesky plastic bags that clutter up your home.

If you make the decision to cut plastic utensils from your life, you can make a huge difference in the amount of plastic waste you contribute. Sure, plastic utensils are cheap, but you're just going to have to keep buying them anyway. In reality, you'd be better off buying and using silverware that you will hang onto, both in regards to the environment and your budget.

Stop contributing to plastic waste by refusing to use plastic plates. Instead, buy ceramic plates that are both better quality and highly customizable. You'll have them for years and they'll improve your home decor—it's a win-win. Just be sure to check if the plates you're buying are microwave safe or not before putting them in the microwave.

Many of us use room deodorizers in our homes that are made out of plastic. Instead, freshen up your home with an essential oils diffuser. You won't have to keep buying new diffusers, and essential oils are great for relaxation, too! Plus, instead of being just another household item, an essential oil diffuser like this one from Better Homes and Gardens actually looks pretty.

Using throw-away plastic razors is an all-around stupid decision. Sorry, but it's true. First of all, plastic razors don't work well and have limited use. Secondly, they make you spend more money over a long period of time. Lastly, they're harmful to the environment! Stop contributing to plastic waste by buying one reusable razor. Reusable razors give you a better shave and significantly decrease the amount of plastic waste you contribute.

Say goodbye to Solo cups and get yourself some grown-up glassware. Solo cups are one-and-done deals that use up tons of plastic. Glass cups are not only reusable, but they're prettier and more sophisticated. Get rid of your trashy (no pun intended) cups and replace them with a beautiful glass collection.

Did you know that there are a lot of beauty products out there that contain microplastics? Freaky, right? Stop contributing to plastic waste by upping the quality of your face creams. Botanicals is a great example of beauty brands that are safe to use. Basically, you want to avoid any bottle that features words such as "polyethylene" and "polypropylene."

Next time you go to a coffee shop, don't rely on the plastic cups or plastic straws they give you with your order. Instead, ask your barista to put the coffee in your own reusable travel coffee cup. This is especially important if you're the type of person who buys a cup of coffee every day on the way to work. Think about how much waste you could eliminate!

There are a lot of benefits that come with prepping your meals. For one, when you prep your next day's lunch you are more likely to make healthier eating choices. For another, you won't have to throw away nearly as much plastic. Stop contributing to plastic waste by buying all-purpose glass containers. Use them to store your food, silverware, or anything else you can think of on the go.

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