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Pottery And Ceramic Classes


If you are on a lookout for pottery classes so you can learn the craft and make your own ceramics, your quest ends here.

In this article, we have chosen some of the most comprehensive online pottery classes. This will enable you to learn the craft without sacrificing the comfort of your home.

These classes are compiled from beginners to advance and from free to some paid courses that will teach you how to spin the wheel.

So, let’s dive right into it:

Make Some Easy-To-Handle Handmade Ceramic Pottery Dishes Without Fancy Tools

First off, one of the best beginner’s classes that will teach you the foundations of free form pottery articles. The plus side to this is that you do not need a pottery wheel or other advanced equipment. Just your hands and an open inclusive mind will suffice.

Cindy Guajardo, a ceramic artist, will teach you how to mold wet clay in a simple way. Being with Cindy is refreshing because you will be in capable hands. She has more than 20 years of combined experience in teaching ceramic pottery to children and adults.

The lessons in the video include:

1. how to use clay-crafting supplies and tools.

2. how to roll wet-clay slab.

3. methods for texturizing clay.

4. cutting shapes.

5. how to print and format design on the clay.

This class is hosted on Skillshare for free, using their free 2-month free trial. All in all, it is a basic but practical intro into the world of pottery, ideal for those who have minimal equipment at their disposal.

Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners – Throw Clay, Start Creating Ceramics

This lesson could be termed as “Potter Wheel – 101”. It is also hosted on Skillshare and provides essential techniques to novices. From beginning to the end, you will learn the ropes of the pottery wheel in these videos. You will be able to “throw” a clay pot to advanced design techniques to work up the edges and finishes.

This lesson comprises of 16 videos for the total duration of one hour. Steve McDonald is the instructor with more than two decades of pottery expertise under his belt. He shares plenty of his work over his website, or you can refer to his book ‘Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners’.

In this course you will learn how to: throw, center, pull walls, shaping a pot, trimming, and cutting off the wheel. In essence, it is quality content for those who want to master pottery wheel, or just to create their own first pottery mug.

4 Time Tested Ways to Create Pottery Without Potter’s Wheel

Professionally curated for budding potters, you will not be needing any equipment throughout this course. You can learn simple hand-building methods for crafting pots and other articles with clay.

The instructor of this course, Mandar Marathe, is a fine artist, illustrator, designer, and sculptor. He has more than 35 courses on the Skillshare platform. He teaches from artistic designs to painting, drawing, and pottery arts.

You start with a handful of clay and not the design. Then, you build upon it and turn it into a tortoise and hare. In addition to that, his lessons also cover scooping, slab, and coil construction for textured pottery.

Introduction to Pottery

You can reach this lesson on the Bluprint platform. In 13 lessons, you will learn the foundations of pottery. The unique thing about this course is it helps you in finding inspiration for your pottery designs, both from aesthetical to practical purposes.

Sarah Wolf is the instructor of this course. She has studied at the Oregon College of Art and Craft and founded Wolf Ceramic studio to share her passion for wet clay with the world.

Through her short but comprehensive videos, you will learn how to throw clay to make your own mug. She also covers topics like how to set your pottery studio, how to balance the wheel, how to use opening, pulling, and handle-crafting techniques, along with final glazing to finish your mug with style.

Whereby to Create Pottery on the Wheel for Beginners

This is another course from the master of the craft, Steve McDonald. It is available on Udemy, where he is awarded 4.4/5 stars as an instructor, from more than 250,000 students.

From his 18 videos, students will learn several methods related to pottery. This includes throwing, cutting, drying, and trimming your pot and plate design on the wheel. The main selling point of these lectures is the additional tips on the common mistakes that beginners make while working on the pottery wheel.

Ceramics at Home: Building Dishes by Hand

In this course, you will be able to mold a clay piece without needing any sophisticated tools, or even a pottery wheel.

Emily Reinhardt, from her Kansas City studio, shares great practical insight for new-timers who make their own ceramics art without setting a studio with a pottery wheel. She is the founder of ‘The Object Enthusiast’. It is an online ceramics store that offers a novel and exotic pottery pieces for sale to the collectors and enthusiasts.

Amazingly in only thirty minutes, she teaches hand ceramic methodology of how to work a slump mold, how to create a slab, coil and pinch methods, glazing, and designing tips, with an added bonus tip on how to prepare your piece for the fire.

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