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Positive And Negative Emotions Psychology Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

by Aryan 5 months ago in health

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Hey Folks, feeling a bit stressed or under the pressure of work,exams or relationship?

This guide on Positive Psychology would help you to redefine stress and its issues.

Emotion is Energy. It is a way of expressing oneself. It is the quality of how one relates to life.

The emotions expressed by humans can be divided into two broad categories.

We can call the two types of emotions Negative and Positive.

We can either call positive as “Good” or Negative as “Bad”, but is it the real scenario we are looking for? The answer is “No” because Our Negative emotions can really provide us with a positive notion and positive with a negative notion.

Negative emotions express an attempt or intention to Exclude. Strengthening one’s own position at the expense of others. Keeping bad stuff away, destroying what is perceived as a threat. Negative emotions are fuelled by an underlying fear of the unknown, a fear of the actions of others, and a need to control them or stop them to avoid being harmed.

For example: apathy, grief, fear, hatred, shame, blame, regret, resentment, anger, hostility.

Positive emotions express an attempt or an intention to Include. Taking the whole into consideration. Working on learning more viewpoints, interacting more with others, enjoying making things better. Positive emotions are fueled by an underlying desire for enjoyment and unity.

For example: interest, enthusiasm, boredom, laughter, empathy, action, curiosity.

Positive VS Negative Thinking

Positive thinking gives you the hope to face challenges in the life vs negative thinking where you loose hope. Having a positive psychology and optimistic nature, you can lead a successful, happy and healthy life.

Some advantages include Stress Free Lives,improves Human Health,Resilience,Key to Success and many more.

Checkout this Video on How Positive Psychology changes us and the world around us

Positive and negative emotions are polarities. We can’t get rid of one and just keep the other. Ultimately they need to be integrated.

Typically, negative emotion in a person point towards areas that need to be processed. They show that there is something there that the person isn’t dealing with. We would make her deal with them and transform them into something more useful and enjoyable.

The negative emotions are useful as motivation for moving away from what one doesn’t want. The positive emotions are useful as motivation for moving towards what one does want as we saw above as a part of thinking.

Now let us dive into some practical Psychology and experiment it on ourselves or our friends,let us BEGIN Gratitude Journal

The goal of a gratitude journal is to focus on the good things that we take for granted. You’ll achieve this by writing down a few notes on good things you experience, mostly the minor ones.

Plan when you will write in your gratitude journal. You don’t have to journal every day, but make sure you do so at least once a week.

Write down 3–5 things you are grateful for each time you journal. Spend a moment elaborating on why you are grateful for each entry. For inspiration, try thinking about what your life would be like without the thing you are grateful for (e.g. “If I would have been alone or If I would have been a designer,etc…”).

Some ideas of things to write about are the people in your life, unexpected or surprising events, personal achievements, or even mundane daily pleasures like a good meal or a sunny walk.

Make your gratitude journal a priority. If you treat it as just another chore to be completed and tossed to the side, it won’t do much good. Genuinely spend time thinking about your life, and experiencing gratitude.

@The Speaking Diary on YouTube, visit for more…..

Design a Beautiful Day

Strive to involve others in your beautiful day. This doesn’t mean you cant have any alone time, but you shouldn’t be alone all day!

Include the little details in your plan. Want to have a coffee first thing in the morning? Write it down. However, don’t let your day become totally devoid of spontaneity.

Break routine and do something new. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or a big production-just different(Most Important)

When you finally have your beautiful day, know that it won’t be exactly as you planned. Accept the twists and turns as they come, and savor them.

Be in the moment. Appreciate the feeling of sunshine, the sound of waves, or the smell of flowers. The goal is to be happy and enjoy, not to check everything off on a beautiful day checklist.

Hopefully The Guide made your day more beautiful and share it with others to make the lives cheerful and happy.

Don’t forget to give, because sharing is the best GRATITUDE.

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