Our Favorite 10 Farmhouse Instagram Accounts!

Get ready to fill your Instagram feed with the BEST farmhouse inspiration.

Our Favorite 10 Farmhouse Instagram Accounts!
Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

Are you in need of some new home inspiration on your Instagram feed? Are you tired of browsing through the same 5 accounts and seeing the same photos? Well then you definitely need to check out and follow the 10 farmhouse influencers we are about to highlight!

We can usually lose ourselves in these accounts for hours without realizing it! They have such great design senses, and their homes make us feel so cozy, warm, and welcomed! Let's dive into some cute farmhouse homes and maybe get some ideas for our own home!

Krissy (@BoldBoundlessBlonde_)

This is definitely one of our favorite accounts we've come across on Instagram! We love how Krissy uses the neutral colors of black, grey, and white to create a cozy farmhouse! For us, these colors help to make the home feel more clean, and thus bigger. Plus, we LOVE that grey sectional! Pair these furniture and decor pieces with those gorgeous hardwood floors, and you have a beautiful farmhouse home in the making!

These colors can also allow you to more easily add pops of color into the home and have them stand out more. For Christmas, you could add a green and red gingham blanket, which would stand out against the more neutral tones, without having to be a huge statement piece. You can repeat the same idea for any other holiday and have great results!

Corey & Kyle (@RevealMyDiy)

You really can't find a more gorgeous classic farmhouse home than @RevealMyDIY! Their home is a beautiful modern farmhouse that has charming touches of rustic farmhouse mixed in seamlessly. I also love the pops of green that they add throughout their house in the form of living plants and wreaths, it can make the whole home feel more rustic and lively.

Chelsea (@Blessed_Ranch)

As soon as you see any picture of Chelsea's home, you feel so warm and invited! She is so talented in creating beautiful spaces without making her home feel cluttered by using TOO MANY decor pieces. Plus, just look at this gorgeous front porch!

Loren (@Bluebarnandcottage)

I think this house is the epitome of a simple and happy farmhouse. The decor in Loren's house makes us feel warm and cozy, and like we just want to sit out on the porch with some sweet tea and talk the day away. It's really hard to create a space that makes people want to slow down and spend time there, but she has definitely accomplished that throughout her home.

Liz (@DesertDecor)

Liz, AKA Desert Decor, is definitely a home you MUST follow for some great farmhouse inspiration. This house has a ton of natural light which really compliments the natural colors that you'll find here. This living room is one of my favorites spaces in the house, I love all of the natural materials in here with the distressed wood furniture and the rug.

Cheyenne (@Arlittlefarmhouse)

Cheyenne has created a gorgeous modern farmhouse in Arkansas, and I've definitely gotten lost in her feed multiple times! Especially in this kitchen above, I love the white cabinets contrasted with the black lights and dark stools.

I'm also obsessed with the exterior of her home! Again we have the contrast with the white and black, and that front porch is to die for! You could do so much with that yard!

Jessica (@The.Old.Barn)

Jessica has really made a gorgeous farmhouse here. The huge picture windows here bring in so much natural light, I can only imagine how nice and peaceful the mornings and afternoons are here. There's nothing better than sitting on a comfy couch or chair with a good book and some tea or coffee in the morning, being warmed by the sun.

Christi (@MySouthern_Farmhouse)

There's just something about a nice country farmhouse that makes you feel at home, and Christi definitely has such a home! She really embraces the southern farmhouse and vintage charm in her home, and it makes for a gorgeous and cozy space. You should really take a few minutes to browse through her feed and follow her! It's some great inspiration!

Tessah (@1900StoneFarmhouse)

I love the rustic feel of Tessah's home and especially that large stone mantle and fireplace! It is such a great statement piece for the room, and one that you can decorate around like she did here!

Meredith (@TheGatewayHome)

And last but not least, Meredith and her beautiful farmhouse home! Her home is filled with a beautiful mix of vintage and modern, with many vintage pieces surrounding more modern details in the construction of the home. The first thing that catches our eye is obviously these gorgeous large front doors! Once you explore her home some more, you'll notice some great pops of green plants and color, and a beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen!

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