need food and supplies during this time ?

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need food and supplies during this time ?
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So as we all know we are all going through a pandemic and in quarantine, and this is effecting everyone all in different ways, some people can’t find simple household supplies that would normally be stocked up and full, no hand washes or hand sanitizer, people are unemployed without pay. It’s a struggle but I want to help out in as many ways as I can so below I will lists sites that are supplying toilet tissue & other household supplies as well as hand sanitizer and masks. I will also be listing below items I personally take and recommend to keep your immune system healthy. Please note I am no doctor those are just things I recommend so make sure to read ingredients and check up with your doctor if you’re not sure it’s right for you.

So first I’m going to list some ways you can boost your immune system simply at home.

  • eat foods that boost your immune system such as broccoli, sweet potatoes,spinach, peppers, etc etc
  • drink your tea! I personally drink lemon ginger tea, I just warm up my water, add my lemon juice, add a fresh cube of ginger, and then add honey and sometimes for an extra boost I’ll add apple cider vinegar.
  • try looking into probiotics that are right for you.
  • look into natural herbal remedies instead of taking medication.
  • vitamin c and e are great as well so look into the right brands for you.
  • Now I’m going to list all sites that are currently supplying hand sanitizer and hand washes. Because as we all know amazon is currently not really selling those things without the prices spiked up rapidly so I found these sites that are currently selling either hand sanitizer or hand washes and even both plus make items you may find helpful I just highlighted hand sanitizer and hand wash because that seems to be in a high demand these days. The prices definitely vary between the sites so just pick what’s best for you before they go out of stock!

    remember to be mindful of others that need the same resources.

  • ( also currently selling on amazon for one pack for $4!)
  • where to purchase a face masks here’s some sites below:

    • outdoor voices ( coming soon on this site they’re not for purchase.)
    • capecrafter
    • buckmason

    Now here is a list of websites that will help you find the closest food banks near your area and other helpful resources.

  • Dialing 2-1-1 is a service that helps families find service organizations and assistance programs so check that out as well!
  • ( Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  • Here’s a list of apps that I’ve used to order household supplies WITHOUT leaving the house.

    • thrive

    Both of those apps I just listed are subscription apps but luckily they both come with a free trial. I don’t truly remember how long it is but they both had toilet tissue and if they ran out check for the next best thing which would be fasciae tissues, napkins, are paper towels. They also have cleaning supplies, food and snack items and much more. Once you think you’re not gonna use the apps no more, end the free trial so that you won’t get charged for the subscription.

    Also for groceries I use InstaCart it’s a grocery app that allows all your groceries to be delivered the same exact as your order. It just makes sure your area allows it. It works for Kroger and food lions and much more I believe. My area has Kroger so that’s what I choose and it allows me to get all my groceries the same day and they do have tissues in stock as well as napkins if tissue isn’t an option so check it out if you’re trying to limit outside time as much as possible!

    I truly hope this article has helped someone during this time, enjoy!

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    im all about dropping tricks and tips you guys could benefit from so enjoy and send tips if youd like id apreciate it, if not just enjoy the read!

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