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Most Productive Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friends

by Iggy Paulsen 3 years ago in product review

Hours logged on Xbox are so overrated. This year, why not look at some more productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends?

Most people, when they think of Christmas gifts, think of toys and goodies that they can use on their off-hours. However, if you really think about it, that's not really beneficial in many cases. Too often, we end up using stuff we get as presents as a reason to procrastinate—but why do that?

These productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends will prove that you can give them gifts they'll love—but also help them stay on top of what they need to do.

If you're looking for one of the most popular productive Christmas gift ideas for your friend, why not look into giving them a subscription box that takes all the hassle out of meal prep for the week? Blue Apron has been offering amazing gift kits for people of all palates.

Gift the gift of healthy, easy eating. Getting a gift of Blue Apron can be done in a variety of ways, with both meal and wine options. Better still, your recipient gets to choose the foods they get to prepare!

Without a doubt, one of the most productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends with kids would be this adorable Do-It-All Mom Planner by Orange Circle Studio. Each planner comes with 300 stickers to mark appointments, game days, and of course, outings with fellow moms.

Along with having 17 months inside it, each planner comes with tear-off lists that are perfect for shopping lists or specialized to-do lists. It's a mommy's best friend.

Perhaps one of the most productive Christmas gift ideas in terms of physical fitness is the Fitbit Blaze. This smartwatch links up with a phone app and tracks your sleep, footsteps, activity level, and more—then helps suggest ways to improve your overall wellness.

This stylish smartwatch is a great fitness coach and also can carry up to 300 mp3s. So, if you are looking for a smartwatch that boosts your fitness, this is one of the best smartwatches of its type, and one of the most productive gadgets out there.

Looking for a journal that can help you keep your eye on the bigger picture in life? Look no further than the Best Self Success Journal. This is one of the most productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends who want to improve their lives, but have no idea where to start.

Each page is structured to jot down notes on what you do, while also giving you space to remind yourself what each day is supposed to be about.

Looking for productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends' kids? Well, that's not exactly easy to do. However, this easy-to-follow responsibility board allows your friends to make chores fun for kids—or at least, gives them a better way to keep track of who did what.

We're just going to point this out: this would also be the perfect gift for a roommate who might not be pitching in as much as they should. (Hey, it works better than to-do list apps do when it comes to reminding them what to do.)

Looking for a way to clear your mind while you're at the office? Rather than browsing Instagram photos of cats, why not use a time-tested zen technique that is known for clearing your mind and reminding you of the temporary nature of things?

This beautiful zen slate is the perfect gift for your friend who can't help but get stressed out when they're doing a million things at once. All they need to do is write down everything in water on the slate tab, and watch their cares melt away.

If you're looking for productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends who enjoy greenery, why not get them producing produce? Plowbox is a monthly subscription service that has new plant seeds, special growing tools in each kit, and instructions on how to make a new garden blossom.

This is one of the best gift ideas for people who really need to get outside once in a while—or for people who really, truly enjoy gardening in all its forms. Either way, this is a great gift for crafty people who love seeing their own creations in action.

The Field Notes Expedition line isn't like most of the other productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends, primarily because it's meant to go in places which aren't urban—or even indoors. Every page of this journal is treated with waterproofing goods.

As a result, this is one of the only books that is totally rain-proofed and designed to stay rugged. The sturdy 50-lb paper will not let you down, nor will its easy-to-spot cover.

These elastic shoelaces ensure that you will never have to waste any more time tying and retying your shoelaces. Just slip these laces on, knot them up, and they'll move with your foot flawlessly.

If you're looking for productive Christmas gift ideas for your friends who hate tying their shoes, this is a great option. The same can be said for friends who always love their slip-on sneakers, but daydream of having a laced pair that's equally low maintenance.

This gorgeous, yet affordable, tablet is one of the most productive Christmas gift ideas that can also let you kick back and relax once in a while. As anyone can tell you, this tablet allows you to read books right off Amazon, watch Amazon videos, or just sort through your list of to-do's for the day.

It's the most productive "lazy" gift you can get; and yes, your friends will adore it. After all, it's one of the best tablets of its kind, and comes with full Alexa compatibility, too.

product review
Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen
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