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Halloween Gift Ideas: Irresistible and Productive Gadgets Up for Grabs

It's time to gift useful gadgets before the grand ghost day on October 31.

By Anand NarayanaswamyPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Celebrate Halloween in grand style with these gifts.

Halloween is around the corner and many e-commerce retailers are giving out plenty of offers in the form of discounts. As usual, Amazon is offering exciting deals on various gadgets at unbeatable prices. In this article, we will examine the top deals available on Amazon, which you can gift out as part of Halloween.

Nowadays, voice-based digital assistants have become popular. What about the idea of gifting either an Amazon Echo Dot or Echo? Both of them make use of Alexa voice service. However, the dot includes a small speaker when compared to Dolby-enabled standard Echo. The sound quality will be higher than that of the dot.

That said, it is possible to connect external speakers via the 3.5mm port or via Bluetooth. In addition to music playback, news, and other related features, the Echo series is capable of controlling lights. While the dot is available for $49.99, the normal Echo is priced at $99. Amazon also sells Echo Plus at $149.99 with an improved sound output. However, the dot or echo will be sufficient for your child to get rid of the ghost during Halloween.

The Kindle is the best gadget for reading e-books because of the anti-glare display. It is possible to read e-books with smartphones or tablets. However, the Kindle provides not only a glare-free but also distraction-less environment for your child. The device features a 6-inch display with Wi-Fi connectivity. The standard version is priced at $79.99, while the Paperwhite reader is available for $119.99. Amazon also offers enhanced models such as Voyage and Oasis at a higher price.

Lijuan Halloween Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon is offering an exclusive Lijuan Halloween speaker for $16. With an option to choose from five color variants, the Bluetooth-enabled speaker is designed using a pumpkin-shaped front with ghost face. The hand strap bundled with the product helps users to carry the gadget to various locations easily.

The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker will be an excellent choice to celebrate Halloween in a grand style. The speaker offers 66-foot Bluetooth range with an integrated microphone. Moreover, the dual driver engine coupled with low harmonic distortion helps the speaker to deliver superior sound. If you are adding Echo Dot to the cart, this speaker is absolutely essential since it enhances the music quality of the digital assistant speaker.

In addition to the above gadgets, Halloween is a nice time to gift useful accessories such as fidget spinners, budget-friendly smartphones, laptops, kids headphones, and much more.

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