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Mind-Blowing Ideas With Cardboard for Home Décor

There are 5 most pocket-friendly DIY cardboard ideas for you. These cardboard boxes are best to execute some fantastic pieces of art in the budget.

By Diana GaricaPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

Do you know the main cause of pollution? It is a packaging material. What do you guys do with the product cardboard boxes? Most people throw it in the trash or put it back in stores. Have you ever thought about doing something creative and innovative with it? These boxes can save thousands of dollars. You must be thinking how?

Are you getting bored with the interior of your house? Then replace it with a new one. From boxes wholesale, purchase cardboard, or reuse the old one to make the most fantastic piece of art. Here are the top five DIY ideas for you!

Hexagon Art idea for your Room

Are you redecorating your room, but the budget is not in your favor? Do not worry because this DIY idea will surely add style to your room. For this fantastic piece of are all you need is printed and lightweight cardboard boxes. If you have any gift boxes, you can also use them because of their attractive and beautiful prints. Choose the size of the box as per your requirements, but make sure you have flat sheets of cardboard.

Outline on the board and cut the door links. You keep these hexagon shapes as it is or ask you, kids, to paint. Look for some empty place on the wall, preferably with the white background. Paste them here because of its lightweight it is easy to secure on the wall. To make this wall decoration more beautiful, you can paste stones or putt some glitters on it.

What about Craft out the Reindeer?

Christmas is all about love and peace. From Thanks Giving you started working on various ideas to decorate your living area. Here are the most pocket-friendly cardboard ideas for you. If you have some excellent crafting skills, then get ready to make the sculpture of reindeer out of cardboard. Take out all the custom cardboard boxes that came with the product packing. Make a dotted line and cute the outline with a scissor. It is the best time to challenge your hidden artist.

So you can make this reindeer craft more valuable by putting a wreath around its neck to celebrate the eve of Christmas in most innovative manners. What are you thinking? Do you not have any cardboard boxes? Buy them from wholesale cardboard boxes companies. There is no need to worry about the budget because this box is highly pocket-friendly.

Christmas Tree

Do you want something innovative for this Christmas? Want to make your friends surprise with your Christmas decor, and then why not use some DIY cardboard ideas. The same as reindeer, you can make a Christmas tree with a large triangle cardboard box. It is compulsory to go for this shape, but it makes it easy for you to work.

This DIY tree is also best if you do not have the perfect space for the real tress. So order Cardboard boxes in triangular shapes and makes some horizontal cut to give the appearance of leaves. You decorate the tree with beautiful Christmas ornaments and fairy lights. Among other DIY cardboard ideas, you can place this tree following space. This craft also looks beautiful both outside and inside the house.

What Metal letter art?

When you visit any fancy cafe, you see beautiful messages hanging on the wall. This metal letter gives a luxurious look to the surrounding. Do you want to make some metal letter art for your room? What is stopping you from this gorgeous beautiful wall hanging? Is it pricing? We are going to use cardboard packaging boxes for it, which does not cost you an arm. No metal, only 100% Eco-friendly material.

So alphabets cut from wood and cardboard can comfortably be given the metallic appearance by using some distressing and spray paint. Paste or hangs these letters anywhere you like at the entrance or in the living room. Next time when your friends visit your home for a party surprise them some luxurious-looking DIY metallic wall art.

Vintage Chandelier

Giving a vintage touch to the interior provides a nostalgic feeling. But the vintage articles are quite expensive, but we have a solution. Let's make a Vintage chandelier with cardboard boxes. Get square or Small Round Cardboard Boxes. Print the outlay and trace it on the cardboard and cut it. You can keep it brown to give a more classic look. For crafting, you need a corrugated box. Because corrugated is the lightweight cardboard boxes and hang comfortably on the ceiling, it is just an idea you can pick any shape size or style as per your choice. All you need for this DIY is creativity.

DIY cardboard ideas mentioned above are not only pocket friendly but also 100% biodegradable. By using this material, you can contribute to the cause of zero-waste and reduce pollution.


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