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How You Can Organize Your Stuff By Using Cardboard Boxes

Ever thought about reusing cardboard boxes for organizing your living space? Below are some unique ideas that can help you in keeping the space clean and tidy.

By Diana GaricaPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

From the packaging of domestic products to the high-end industrial machinery, cardboard boxes are widely used everywhere in the industry for the protection of the products. These boxes are highly effective due to the high-end functionality, which helps in keeping all the products safe in the process. But have you ever thought that what we can do with these boxes once the main product is un-boxed? We can use it for a number of purposes.

How can we reuse empty boxes?

Custom corrugated boxes are widely used in the industry for the packaging of a number of products. These boxes are highly effective in the protection as they are manufactured of high-end materials that can distribute the exerted weight effectively and evenly. Printed cardboard boxes are also effective when it comes to the promotion of the products in the market. They can be printed with alluring graphics in order to make the consumers attracted to a specific brand or product. These customized cardboard boxes are highly effective in the strength and can be used for a long period of time, but unfortunately, they simply go to waste once the product is un-boxed. You can make use of this custom cardboard for organizing the items at your home in order to keep all your space organized and tidy. Here are some tips that can help you in reusing these product boxes wholesale supplies for organizing your home space.

DIY shoe organizer

Keeping all your footwear organized is one of the trickiest processes and always requires a proper organizer where you can keep all your shoes protected in a tidy way. If you have empty sleeve packaging manufactured of cardboard, you can simply go for a DIY project. You simply require some of the basic resources such as paper cutter, ruler, tape, and embellishing materials.

• Cut the packaging open in order to acquire the flat sheets of cardboard

• Mark the dimensions on the cardboard in a format that helps in making small triangle slots for individual pairs

• Perforate the sides and tape for getting a triangular unit with both sides open

• Stack the required amount of units on one and another depending upon the needs

• Stack them to make a pyramid structure

• Tape the structure and embellish as you like.

Pullover organizers

Pullover organizers are always perfect for keeping large items protected, but they are quite expensive to purchase. If you have a sufficient amount of corrugated shipping boxes wholesale supplies lying around you, you can simply make these pullover organizers on your own. You simply need to have some basic items such as glue, tape, cutter, fabric and scissors, and custom size corrugated boxes for this purpose. Here are the basic steps that you have to follow to make these pullover storage units.

• Take the boxes wholesale and cut them for the top

• Apply tape on the sides to omit any risk of extensive tearing when you pull over them

• Cut the fabric of your choice according to the dimensions of the boxes

• Apply glue on the outer sides of the box and then paste the fabric on top

• Wait till the glue and fabric is dried, this process will not only enhance the visual appeal of your organizer but will also help you in proving the storage unit and extra level of strength

• Poke holes on the front side of the boxes for pulling handles

• Make handles by passing a string through the holes, and you are good to go.

You can also make use of the product display boxes with folding lid for making these storage units as they are also highly functional and durable.

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