Looking for Out of the Box Ideas to Use your Shipping Containers? Here are an Amazing 10!

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Shipping containers have been a great manmade resource that’s been available in surplus around us for years!

Looking for Out of the Box Ideas to Use your Shipping Containers? Here are an Amazing 10!

Shipping containers have been a great manmade resource that’s been available in surplus around us for years! These containers are made up of steel and can easily be recycled. That’s the reason its multiple uses have been invented by people which are creative as well as profitable in the long run (not to mention the fact that recycling makes the whole process environment friendly). This makes shipping containers a multi purpose product for the entire mankind across the globe.

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How can shipping containers be extra useful to you in the most amazing way!

Recently, lots of innovative uses of shipping containers have been derived. Let’s check the most awesome ones of them.

1. Building a house

Do you know you can actually use a shipping container to create a home? It’s been called an eco-friendly house, as there is no environmentally harmful process or products used in building a home out of it. And you wouldn’t believe if we said there have been cases where two or three huge shipping containers are joined to create a small building! But it’s true!

2. A temporary washroom

They call it an e-toilet! And recently there have been a rise of it, especially at places where building proper sanitation room isn’t possible. Think of construction sites! These shipping containers are fully equipped with wash basins and urinals, and also can be connected to sewerage system for hygiene and sanitation.

3. Roadside stalls or shops

Ever came across a roadside shop that’s been created in a huge steel compartment? You ay be wondering what it is! It’s actually a shipping container used as a small stall which is often connected to a vehicle to make it regularly movable too. Remember those pop-up stalls? The good part is, they can be painted, decorated and charmed to make inviting and attractive.

4. Changing rooms

Mostly in countrysides, where there are live dramas played on local theatres, especially by the travelling performers, shipping containers are used as changing rooms or green rooms. These rooms include all the essentials you need to rest after the show or when you want to get ready for a play.

5. Swimming pool

As the shipping containers come in various shapes and sizes, there are also some of them which are perfect to create a swimming pool. Just a supply of clean pool water, pump fittings, drainage system and intake pipes—and you are ready! Just make sure that the container is watertight.

6. Fire training place

A lot of institutes do make the use of shipping containers as a fire training place for the practical practise of the same. These containers are shipped to a secluded place and a fire is lit in one corner of the room. As steel isn’t combustible, the fire doesn’t reach the entire area and can be extinguished easily.

7. Office Spaces

Whether it’s adding an annexed section to your office or creating a new office altogether, shipping containers fit everything perfectly in them! Just like building houses, you can easily join two or more containers and create a large working space and everything can be installed in it. It’s most suitable if you are looking for a temporary office space or a trial set up for your start-up.

8. Refrigeration

For large amount of refrigeration needs, most profoundly in larger serving spaces or resorts, shipping containers can be used for keeping the food products cool. They can be well equipped with the electrical connections required for the same, require minimum maintenance and also are well designed against any kind of electrical supply fluctuations.

9. Storage Purposes

Most of the times, a shipping container is used for storage purposes. These are huge in size, and that’s why mostly preferred in large warehouses and other such places for storing of products.

10. Greenhouse

A green house for your gardening needs can easily and inexpensively be created using shipping container. Try choosing one with an open top, or else chop off the top. Cover with greenhouse kind of top that shall allow some light in. Arrange for ventilation and a soil bed or hydroponic system—and voila, your greenhouse is made!

These are some of the most creative ways of bringing a shipping container to use. We are sure with passing time, there are going to be loads more—let’s wait for those creative advantages to unfold, or better still—invent them!

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