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Lockdown Planning

by Eric Sutherland 3 months ago in how to


Lockdown Planning
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Will Covid-19 be like the Flu as some researchers have stated and require annual jams. The current problem is with Lockdowns and the loss of access to services. Therefore, decided to switch to DIY for a range of home based tasks.

Shoe Repairs since they charge £20 for repairing heals and £30 for soles, the same price as the shoes from Marks & Spencer’s and £12 from Primark. If the leather top is in good condition and not marked, they are worth repairing. The Repair Kit with Shoe Anvil, soles and heals £50, so after repairing one pair of Shoes reach break-even and the rest is profit.

Hair Cutting, Braun Kit I pay £10 every two or three months. Braun hair cut kit £32 takes practice but with straight hair, it is not that hard. After eighteen months pass breakeven.

Egg Boiler cost £10 including postage and does 7 eggs and far easier and safer than putting eggs in a pot, use the pointed edge of a skewer to put the hole in the bottom of the eggs.

Can Opener and Knife Sharpener, Kenwood £18 easy to use on cans of beans or fruit and to sharpen knives.

Food Processor, Kenwood £30 good for bread dough mix, currently trying Fruit and Nut Loaf mixed nuts, washed the head of the hammer, and used it to flatten the nuts by gently pressing on them.

125gm mozzarella torn into pieces

2 large eggs

200gm ground mixed nuts or almonds (As above)

200gm plain flour

200gm chocolate

200gm sugar?

A handful of mixed fruit

Butter cubed

4 x yeast

150 ml of warm water. 2 tins ready to bake in the fridge.

Halogen Oven £30 good for baking bread at 175 Centigrade / 347 Fahrenheit. Roasting Chicken, Meat, Puddings, and Desserts.

Pyrex Dishes £18 2 x 1 litre used for porridge and scrambled eggs or baked beans and 1 x 3 litre use for cooking veg and meat and fish in the Samsung Smart Microwave(£90) on combi settings being microwave and grill or microwave and convection. Turn the lid upside down and put a tablespoon of vegetable oil and turn the meat or fish over before cooking for 10 to 30 mins.

For exercise, run around my training circuit in about 1 hour 30 mins. If you are just starting you should do it two or three times a week for the first month walking two lamp posts and run two lamp posts until you have done an hour and a half. Then after a month do 4 lamp posts and after another month, manage 8 lamp posts. Adjust it to how you feel. and you should now be able to run all the way round in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Google Fit is a free app for Android phones to monitor your performance. Runs on Apple Phones and connects with their Health and Sleep apps.

Marathon Training run around the 1 and half hour circuit twice a day for 6 days a week and have one day off. You need to do this to finish feeling good at the end.

Have been running weekly for over 40 years and completed over 20 Marathons.

Served a 5-year electronic apprenticeship in electronics and started writing what I had done and learned that week. Worked and lived throughout Western Europe and the US.

Projects completed in Government, Medical, Pharma, Transportation (Planes, Trains and Tube Sets), Utilities, Oil&Gas, Media, Electronics, IT and Engineering, Mining, and Financial Services Sectors.

Driving Hewlett Packard Chromebook Sales

10 different models sold out within weeks of the pandemic lockdown and pleased to see one model with the Intel Modem card electronics, 1GBps, 2.4GHz/5GHz Intel PCI card up/down WiFi 130MBps installed in it.

In August 2014 bought my HP Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook. Product Specifications listed:

HP Pavilion 14-c002sa Chromebook Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support

The HDMI port allows connecting it up to the HP 32” monitor and then plug in the Wireless adapter for the HP Keyboard and Mouse pair.

Record Videos with the inbuilt webcam and microphone allows people to communicate in different time zones or shifts and do online meetings using Google Meet with 250 persons/windows capacity.

Using the HDMI cable connects it to the Samsung 65” UHD TV, this gives you the close up real life feeling when watching videos and makes reading Kindle eBooks easy.

Workplace Apps

Download DOCs files in different formats:

MS Word (.docx)

Open Document format (.odt)

Rich Text format (.rtf)

PDF format (.pdf)

Plain text (.txt)

Web page (.html, zipped)

EPUB publication (.epub)

DOCS has been developed to produce large business documents and books. Sheets and Slides list common ranges. Forms and Diagrams are useful apps.

Sites updated and a project alternative to SharePoint. Blogspot for Blogs. In edit mode, both allow views in Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, Full Screen, Rotate Screen, and Reload.

how to
Eric Sutherland
Eric Sutherland
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Eric Sutherland

Started by writing weekly reports during my 5-year electronic apprenticeship on what I did and what I had learned that week.

Test and IT Support, moving to Quality, Process, Technical Writer, and Trainer roles. Western Europe and USA.

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