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Privacy Challenge

by Eric Sutherland 3 months ago in business

Protecting Personal Data

Privacy Challenge
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All businesses who are self-employed or operate through a small or medium business, should be committed to protecting the data and privacy of all their contacts and/or clients.

Held on our systems and media

Samsung Smart TV able to run YouTube Videos on it, Hewlett Packard PC Windows 10 Pro Box with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive, with 32Gb Flash Drive for Backup, Hewlett Packard Laptop 14" screen on Chromebook with Google G-Suite and Google Drive, Mobile Phones: Basic Samsung and Moto e5 Play with front and back cameras and 16Gb SD micro card, both on Tesco network.

Third parties being clients of the client

Articles or review posts on Personal and Business Banks, Payment companies: PayPal, Payoneer and Stripe, LinkedIn, Catalant, MindSumo, Talmix, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reedsy, and Google Blog, Utility companies, Landlord, Council, Election Register, Library, Bus Pass, Train Card, Entertainment, Self-publishing resources and mp3 files on TES Shop/websites and self-publishing eBooks, Paperbacks, Audiobooks on Amazon websites.

Compliance Point 1

All of the above hold personal data that can be stored globally and that’s why they are listed. They have all asked for their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to be accepted.

Like any business operating in Europe

We are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will safeguard the security of data held in the European Economic Area(EEA) and Globally. UK supervisory authority:

Compliance Point 2

The UK supervisory authority: is listed since it provides useful information on what organisations need to do and if complaints can’t be resolved, they are passed on to the Information Commissioner’s Office via the website. In the US this appears to be different in most states.

This Privacy Policy informs you

That we are holding and processing your personal data under a Legal Basis:

The Company will only process personal data where it has a legal basis for doing so. Where the Company does not have a legal reason for processing personal data any processing will be in breach of the Data Protection Laws. The Company will review the personal data it holds on a regular basis to ensure it is being lawfully processed and it is accurate, relevant and up to date. Before transferring personal data to any third party (such as past, current or prospective suppliers, customers and prospects, intermediaries such as insurance or property brokers, persons making an inquiry or complaint and any other third party (such as software solutions providers and back office support), the Company will establish that it has a legal reason for making the transfer.

Compliance Point 3

Personal data only held if there is a legal basis and its being lawfully processed and it is accurate, relevant and up to date. Before transferring personal data to any third party.

For the purposes of finding, pitching, winning and delivering Projects

Personal Data is collected, processed and distributed with the intent of identifying and presenting proposals to our Clients and our Partners. The data may be sourced from public sites containing contact and profile data, from potential candidates directly, from interactions with potential clients and other connected parties and from other online sources and will be provided to Clients seeking suppliers.

Compliance Point 4

The reason for collecting Personal Data and how it will be used.

For any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please use the contact details below:

Yours sincerely

Eric Sutherland

Biz & Techie Writing Services Ltd

Tel: +44 777 640 3252

Email: [email protected]

Compliance Point 5

Contact details are listed above.

GDPR Annual Assessment

The compliance points are used for the 2019 GDPR Annual Assessment to be done in January 2020 and each year going forward.


In the US it will be at the state level, the state business department should be able to help. Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be similar. Most European countries have a country wide regulator.

Eric Sutherland
Eric Sutherland
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