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By Samantha BentleyPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

I just became a mum! Well... 6 months ago, so I feel like I know a few things about being a new parent. The bags under my eyes and leaking boobs could tell you a few things too.I love being a mum, it is by far the best thing I've ever done in my life... it is also the hardest thing I've ever done. Parenting is all trial and error coupled with googling everything your baby does to make sure its normal/work out how to stop it.

I'm just here to try not to mumsplain but share a few little wonders that have helped me along these last few months to build my beautiful happy, healthy, chunky baby boy that does occasionally give me a full nights sleep!

Take a Sleep Course

Honestly it was the best money we ever spent, and Roman was sleeping through the night from 7 -7 at 5 weeks old (I mean now he's hit sleep regression so don't even talk to me about sleep) but when you have a new born and you haven't quite got the hang of how to parent yet, sleep courses will help ease a bit of your stress. We did new born sleep course and it worked like an absolute dream for us, it also wasn't hideously priced at $75 for the whole course, which you take online and can do in your own time, which is obviously great when you have a newborn that just doesn't ever sleep when you want them to.

The tips are usually just common sense, but explained in a way that makes sense and with elements to add if one thing isn't working, it made us feel more confident as new parents once Roman was getting some sleep and so were we!

I hated it when people said 'SLeEP wHeN tHe baby SLeeEPs' no one does that, I want a damn shower and a cup of tea thanks.

Accept That Help

Before I had Roman I was ADAMENT I didn't need help, I didn't want people round all the time, how hard can it be? it's just a baby after all, people have been having babies forever. Hahahahaha, I laugh at my naive stupid know it all pregnant self. The saying 'it takes a village' is so true, this baby shit is hard. Accept help, let your mother in law hold the baby while you shower, let your mum do the washing up, let your friends pop over with food for you. Accept it all, intact, in those first precious newborn weeks, don't let visitors come that AREN'T going to help, I know everyone wants to come and see the baby but it is DRAINING having people in and out of the house. As a new mum you are in recovery from a trauma to your body, giving birth is no joke! You are sleep deprived and sore and probably incredibly possessive of the little life you've made, don't be afraid to say no to visitors that just want to come and have a chat and expect you to be up and about and making them tea. Ask if they can make you a cuppa and hold the baby while you drink it or eat your dinner, ask if they can take your dogs to the park for a quick spin, trust me your family and true friends (especially if they have kids) will be more than willing to do these things for you.

Don't Get Caught Up In STUFF

We all do it... ooooh I need this bin specifically for nappies and this blender the same as my adult blender, that is actually smaller and says baby on it. No. You don't, save your money, open a bank account and call it 'stuff we didn't need' and every time you think you want to buy that pointless thing pout the amount in the account t, and when your baby is a bit older, go on holiday, or use the money to buy them their Christmas and birthday presents. Babies don't need a lot of stuff, I have ended up selling so much of Romans stuff already... a changing unit?! WHY! I don't think we ever used it, we had a travel mat and changed him on the bed or the floor, nappy bin? just why... tiny baby nappies don't smell and trust me you'll be emptying the bin twice a day anyway so it won't get a chance to smell. Babies grow fast so hold off buying a million outfits for each couple of months, that they will probably only wear a few times, the same goes for toys, how many toys can one baby play with ? chances are they will only like two or three things... we got given a lot of toys and Roman really only likes a cranky fabric book, Sophie the giraffe (all babies seem to love this) and a little panda rattle. I will write another piece soon about what you need and what you definitely don't....

Get a Baby Carrier

Do yourself a favour and invest a sling or wrap, save yourself the hassle of a screaming baby in the pram, all babies love to be close to their parents, so if they hate the pram to begin with don't be disheartened. Roman was in his sling pretty much all the time till he was 4 months old, it was the only way to take him out, as soon as I put him in the pram he would wake up screaming, I was so stressed out... you'll be happy to hear as soon as we switched to the buggy seat at 4 months he loved it. So there is always hope on the horizon. There are so many great baby carriers out there to fit every budget, we have an ergo baby 360 and a fabric wrap sling. They have saved me from many, many, many public mental breakdowns.

Make Mum/Dad Friends

I was adamant I didn't need them, now I know I couldn't live without them. Find your crowd, they could end up being friends for life.


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Born and Bred Londoner, Mother to baby Roman and my two pooches, Plant Eater, Yoga and Aerial Teacher + Learner, Music Maker... was once in Game Of Thrones, was once a Penthouse Pet, used to win awards for getting naked.

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