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Keeping The House Clean as a Single Mom

How Can We Mange Time If We Don't Have Enough Time

By Brianna SmithPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Being a single mom can be very difficult at times. We are told to manage our time better but how can we manage our time when we simply do not have enough oof it. I am here to share a story about my friend Jenna and how I helped her to regain some control over her life again. This approach is not for everyone, but if you are struggling like Jenna was, it might be worth a try.

Jenna was a busy working mom who struggled to keep her house clean and tidy. She often felt overwhelmed by the endless piles of laundry, dishes, and clutter that seemed to accumulate on a daily basis.

One day, Jenna decided that enough was enough – she needed to find a way to simplify her cleaning routine and take back control of her home. She started researching different cleaning methods online and stumbled upon a lifehack that would change everything.

The lifehack was simple – instead of trying to clean everything at once, break it down into manageable tasks and tackle one room at a time. Jenna decided to give it a try.

She started with her bedroom, setting a timer for 15 minutes and focusing on one task at a time – first picking up any dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper, then making the bed, and finally dusting and vacuuming the room. She was amazed at how much she was able to accomplish in just 15 minutes, and felt a sense of accomplishment and relief as she moved on to the next room.

Jenna continued to use this lifehack for a few weeks, gradually tackling each room in her house and breaking down the cleaning tasks into manageable chunks. She also started to use a few other time-saving tricks, such as doing a load of laundry each day instead of waiting for it to pile up, and using a timer to limit her time spent scrolling through social media.

As she continued to streamline her routines and simplify her cleaning process, Jenna felt a sense of control and peace of mind that she hadn't experienced in a long time. She was able to enjoy her time with her family more, knowing that her home was clean and organized.

But the true test of her lifehack came when she decided to host a dinner party for her extended family. In the past, this would have been a stressful and overwhelming experience, with Jenna spending hours cleaning and preparing the house.

But this time, things were different. Jenna had already tackled most of the cleaning tasks during her daily routines, and had a plan for the remaining tasks. She set a timer for 30 minutes and focused on cleaning the kitchen and dining room, wiping down surfaces, and putting away any clutter.

By the time her guests arrived, the house was clean and tidy, and Jenna felt relaxed and confident. The dinner party was a success, with everyone enjoying themselves and complimenting Jenna on her beautiful home.

Jenna realized that the lifehack had not only made her cleaning routine more manageable, but had also improved her overall quality of life. She was able to spend more time doing the things she loved and less time stressing about the state of her home.

In the end, Jenna was grateful for the simple lifehack that had transformed her home and her life. She continued to use it as a tool to simplify her routines and stay organized, and even shared it with friends and family who were struggling with similar challenges.

Thank you!


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Brianna Smith

I started writing stories as a way to escape. I have continued this journey throughout my life and am hoping to use this platform as a way to make extra income so that I can pursue college and my dream of becoming a nurse!

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