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Is Pink Sapphire Precious or Semi-Precious?

Is Pink Sapphire Precious or Semi-Precious?,What Makes Pink Sapphire Desirable?

By Mark JamesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Precious gemstones are divided into four categories - diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. While emeralds and rubies are primarily found only in one hue with varying intensity and saturation levels, diamonds and sapphires are mined in a variety of shades, ranging from colorless to black. Though colorless diamonds and blue sapphires are the most prominent variants, fancy diamonds and sapphires have their dedicated share of admirers.

Talking about fancy sapphires, yellow, pink, purple and Padparadscha sapphires are quite popular. The pink color symbolizes love, warmth, compassion and comfort. It has a mesmerizing visual appeal, making it a highly sought-after color in apparel and accessories. As such, pink color gemstones, such as morganites, pink diamonds, pink sapphires, pink tourmalines and rose quartz are grabbing attention around the world.

Is Pink Sapphire Precious or Semi-Precious?

The answer to this question is very straightforward. Being a sapphire, pink sapphire is a precious gemstone, just like the classic blue sapphires. In fact, not only pink but all the fancy sapphires, i.e., colorful sapphires in addition to blue sapphire, are precious gemstones. So, the next time you ever come across this dilemma then you must not be a bit doubtful about a pink sapphire being a precious gemstone.

Though there are several pink gemstones, people who are particularly into precious stones must know that pink sapphires are increasingly becoming a popular alternative to super-pricey pink diamonds. Hence, choosing a bigger and better quality pink sapphire gemstone can save you from investing dearly in a low-quality smaller pink diamond.

What Makes Pink Sapphire Desirable?

Let us discuss a few characteristics associated with pink sapphire that make it a desirable gemstone among contemporary youth.

Cost: Being a precious gemstone, pink sapphire is pricier than most pink-colored gemstones but pink diamonds. So, if your mind is fixated on buying a precious stone only, then pink sapphire can save you from breaking the bank.

Popularity: Nobody can deny the magnificence of a gemstone that has been linked with popular celebrity icons. Pink sapphire has been adorned by several Hollywood celebs from Emma Slater, Nicole Richie and Elizabeth Hurley to Lady Gaga. Even Meghan Markle from the British Royal Family has flashed a pink sapphire cocktail ring from her jewelry collection.

Combination with Metals: Pink sapphire has such breathtaking hues that they can complement well with any metal. While dark-colored metals, such as yellow and rose gold give a classic vintage look, platinum and white gold add a modern touch to any piece of jewelry featuring a pink sapphire. On a similar note, pink sapphires create a beautiful pairing with colorless diamonds as well as blue and yellow colored gemstones, such as blue sapphires, tanzanites and yellow sapphires.

Durability: All color varieties of sapphires score 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. It means you can completely rely on an engagement ring featuring a pink sapphire as the centerstone or rather any piece of pink sapphire gemstone jewelry that you wear every day. A pink sapphire can resist everyday weathering and scratching while still maintaining its shine.

Symbolism: The charismatic shade of pink sapphires calls for passionate love and romance. Wearing a pink sapphire can bless the wearer with wisdom, power and compassion. It can provide emotional stability while relaxing the heart with positive energy and light. Guess what? Sapphires are official birthstones for September, making pink sapphires suitable birthstone jewelry for September borns.

Parting Thoughts

Gemstone enthusiasts need not worry since pink sapphire perfectly fits the precious gemstone category. Do you also want to adorn a pink sapphire on your neck or as the center stone of your engagement ring? Shop for exquisite loose sapphire or gemstone jewelry featuring pink sapphires from GemsNY, a trusted dealer of precious and semi-precious gemstones and jewelry.

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