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Impossible Challenge Number 1: My First YouTube Decipher Challenge!


By Temoor DarPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Challenge #1

This is my first video on YouTube and other platforms on such a topic. I'm not sure if anyone thought of this kind of idea. I hope you like it and I will be posting on a video demand & response basis. I am very uncertain of when this puzzle might be solved, (because of YouTube algorithm) it can take 1 month or maybe even years for the video to be seen. but, that won't stop me from making more videos.

Introduction: I am planning to make this a series of multiple types of puzzles involving imagery and videos. PLEASE DO READ THIS before scrolling down as it is very important to new readers and viewers alike. I was and am inspired by many individuals who worked alongside with me in different countries. I have taken by experience and expertise to amalgamate a corpus of which it involves specific dead languages and cyphers of the sort to create online puzzles which requires the individual to think irrationally rather than rationally.

As you can see my YouTube channel has been quite dead for a while, because I didn't show it enough love, or I didn't have enough time so to speak of. But, now I have plenty of time to spare and am currently operating from Malaysia. I would love to build an online community that will follow and interact with me. YouTube is only the beginning for me. I intend to branch out to different platforms and avenues in the near future.

Please do visit my YouTube Channel "Mystical Challenges" and other platforms when they get introduced. I would like to give my thanks to a couple of unique and interesting people who have helped me in my journey to becoming a puzzle manic. Tony (UK), Emily (UK), Johansson (SWE), Frederick (SWE), Hachi-san (JAP), Mira-san (JAP) and Abdullah (PAK) are the people who I have a great appreciation for. Who have gave me a wild and zealous experience throughout my journey. I am truly grateful and am indebted to your service, kindness and helping hand.

Title/Hint: ➨ Crack the Code: Your First YouTube Decipher Challenge!

Objective: ➨ Decipher the code & write the answer in the comments section. The first person to give the correct answer in the comment section will be the winner.

Reward: ➨ The winners channel name will be mentioned in the next puzzle/challenge video. If the winners channel has little to no content then I will also promote your channel by describing to the viewers what your channel is about in the next puzzle video.

Advice: ➨ You can leave the video running and do your research on a different tab. If you are a NEW viewer who came AFTER when the challenge has been completed, then DO NOT look into the COMMENTS SECTION. Try to beat the challenge for yourself and only when you GIVE UP, then you should look in the comment section.

Difficulty: ➨ ★☆☆☆☆

Good Luck 👍👍👍

In the near future, giveaways and prizes will also be introduced.

#MysticalChallenges #challenge #puzzle #decipher #code #mysticalchallenges

P.S. - I plan to make more puzzles in the future using puzzles/graphics/pictograms/cyphers/riddles etc... Just a brief history about me: The names Roomet. I have been making puzzles and board games with my dad for about 15 years or so. Have taken ideas and visited countries from Japan, Sweden, UK and Pakistan.

This channel was inspired by my colleagues, family members and teachers to make a channel that is dedicated to Philosophical Puzzles, Riddles, Ciphers and NEAR Impossible Challenges.

Enjoy ✨

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