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How to Get out of a Parking Ticket

by Kelsey Lange 3 years ago in how to

The process to get out of a parking ticket is much simpler than you think!

Fighting a parking ticket is much more trouble than it should be. But if its the difference between paying $60 for not doing anything wrong, and having that money rightfully remain in your pocket, it's worth it; it's truly a money lifehack you need to know!

These are the steps to take in order to get out of a parking ticket from beginning to end. For starters, evidence is the number one necessity to fight your ticket. Without evidence, you might just be SOL. But with a simple video, photo, or witness, your chances of winning the hearing are high!

Read over the deadlines and procedure.

Of course, in order to get out of a parking ticket, the first step to take is to thoroughly read the ticket. Reading the details will allow you to judge if the ticket was rightfully issued. If you just don't know how to parallel park properly, that's not the kind of ticket you can fight.

If you decide to take it to a hearing, you need to read over the deadlines, how long you have after the citation was issued, and the procedure to do so. In certain states, you may only have seven days to contest a parking fine; so don't sit on it.

If you are going to request a hearing, do so immediately.

As soon as you get home, search for the correct number to call in order to set up the hearing date. In order to get out of a parking ticket, you must immediately act on the mistake. This will show perseverance, which the judge will view as responsible. It gives more evidence to the idea that a mistake was made compared to someone who has waited until the last minute.

Mark any mistakes on the ticket.

Make sure that every single mark on the ticket is correct. This can range from the make and model of your car, to your license plate, or simply the time you were parked there. This way, it can be shown during the hearing. However, this doesn't mean that you should correct the officer if it is stated that you have a gray Honda Accord when you believe the color should be considered silver; don't be nit-picky. That won't help your case.

Take photos, videos, and other evidence straight away.

As something that people will mistakingly forget, one of the most crucial things to do in order to get out of a parking ticket is to take pictures. Gathering evidence will make this process 100 times easier.

It is a valid defense if the signs or notice of restricted parking were removed or obscured. This can also mean that the sign is not visible from the car's position. In this case, you must take a photograph while inside the car to portray this. Also, take a picture of your bumper in reference to the curb. When in doubt, take a picture, and other one. For that matter, take a 360-degree video. If you're using your phone, make sure you're using one of the best smartphone cameras to get a clear picture.

If meter is broken, take a video.

If you are fighting a ticket due to a broken meter, the first action to take is to film a video of the parking meter. Taking a video is crucial for showing it in action.

Try putting money into the meter, and be sure that the read-out is visible while you're filming. This way you can prove that your money is not registering. If you can, take a video before you leave your car. This way, once you get a ticket, you already have evidence. If you forget to do this before, videotape immediately after receiving your ticket.

Get witnesses.

A witness can be anyone from someone walking by to a friend with you in the car. As one of the best ways to get out of a parking ticket, having a witness will help you fight your parking ticket.

If a passerby agrees or might have the same issue, write down their names and numbers if they are comfortable with you using them to testify. This could be the difference between defeating your ticket or not.

Study the local ordinances.

After requesting a hearing, you should begin studying the local ordinances. In order to get out of a parking ticket, you need to be backed by the law.

To gain subjective reasoning, you should consider the language in the statue, and look carefully at what it requires. An example of this is language such as "if practicable" or "safety permitting." Each of these provides room for an argument. Break down the ordinance you are cited for violating specifically.

Present your defenses in person.

An in-person hearing is preferable when trying to get out of a parking ticket. This shows that you are willing to take the time to fight the parking ticket as well as proceed through the hearing procedure. Most people do not want to be bothered to do this, and simply pay the ticket, even if they are wrongfully given.

While appearing, dress professionally and look put-together, and of course, on time, if not early. Treat the hearing with respect. And keep in mind if the officer who wrote your citation does not come, the ticket will automatically be dismissed.

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