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How To Be More Organized With Your Workspace To Be More Successful

Your organization efforts will determine your success level

By J.R. HeimbignerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
How To Be More Organized With Your Workspace To Be More Successful
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My wife and I have different perspectives on our home's orderliness. She enjoys making sure that every visible room utilized for entertaining is clean and tidy. We were leaving storage places unorganized to find random things inside.

While keeping the rest of our house nice and clean is crucial, I have a hard time with storage areas being a place where everything is put in without order. Mostly because I know I won't be able to find what I'm seeking quickly. As a result, each project I'm working on takes longer.

This is how I feel about my office organization as well.

Seeing storage areas crammed with odd items terrifies me. I don't get the concept of a "junk drawer" because it belongs in the trash if it's junk.

Many of my highly productive coworkers have their workstations immaculately arranged. They know where everything is for supplies and files, and they always put everything back.

I've discovered that supplies and filing are the two most essential aspects of workspace management. Our work suffers when we are a heated mess regularly. We become unproductive and endure tiredness, despair, and mental fog, preventing us from performing at our best. This, however, does not have to be the case.

Why We Need to Be Organized

I keep everyday supplies close to reaching and in order at my desk, whether at work or home. Everything is quick and easy to find, so I don't waste time looking for stuff.

To get all of our work done, we need to be organized at work to move from task to task swiftly, effectively and focused. And I've devised a strategy that significantly aids in keeping us organized and enhancing our output.

№1 — Remove Every Item from Your Desk

We first need to decide what we need. There are many things we all keep at our desks but never use. It is essential to remove everything and go through the things we don't use.

№2 — Top Drawer Items

There are work items that I use every day. Items like rubber bands, pens, highlighters, notepads, sticky notes, staplers, etc., are what I use regularly. If you use them regularly, keep them in the top drawer for easy access once a day.

№3 — Middle Drawer Items

This is where I keep things that are not regularly used, less than once. These are items like tape, large envelopes, binder clips, sharpies, etc. They are close by and orderly, but I don't use them all the time, so they don't qualify for the top drawer.

№4 — Desk Top

I keep a jar full of pens on my desk for quick access as I always jot down notes throughout the day. Otherwise, I don't store much on my desk.

№5 — Bottom Drawer

If I don't use something more than once a week, it goes in the bottom filing drawer. This is about as random as a drawer gets for me. These items are nearby but not typically used.

Cleaning Shouldn't Make You Feel Overwhelmed.

Our organization system doesn't have to be complicated; it only needs to be focused on what we use daily and a few times a week. Organize your desk around them once you've figured out what they are.

It will make it easier to transition from one work to the next and prevent you from becoming distracted while seeking paper clips. That is the key, is to take away distraction and the feelings of being overwhelmed.

How do you keep your desk organized? Do you use as many things as I do? Or do you have a lot less in your workspace? Share in the comments below.

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