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How Do You Can Watch TikTok Videos in Reverse?

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in social media
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How To Reverse Other People’s TikTok Videos? [Guide]

How Do You Can Watch TikTok Videos in Reverse?
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How do you watch TikTok videos in reverse?

TikTok is an intriguing and famous social media networking application that allows users to share and upload their innovative videos. Many individuals are using their profiles to share videos with different tastes to obtain millions of likes. These videos generate a strong emotional response, yet they always leave us entertained by putting a smile on our faces. Several TikTok tools accessible on the internet may help you make your videos amazing and unique from others.

Today we will talk about a unique feature of TikTok that allows you to watch videos in a reverse way; however, people are not widely recognized by people until now. But this feature will enable you to see what is happening in the video from backward. It may seem not very easy, but believe me, it is simple to do, and anybody can do it.

This reverse effect adds a fantastic twist to regular videos with only a few touches, and the possibilities are infinite! For example, when you reverse a makeup removal video, wipes would become the applicator. By reversing a popular TikTok dance, you can break the norm. Record yourself while tossing the objects, then reverse the effect. And see the results. It will look like that your hands are now seizing items from a distance.

The reverse effect is simple to implement, so you don’t need to spend hours behind this editing, but it's not a perfect procedure. The audio cannot be reversed, and the effect is applicable for the video only. But don’t worry, there is a workaround for both concerns.

If you want to watch videos using the reverse effect in TikTok, then follow the entire process mentioned below:

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile
  • Hit the “+” icon that can be seen on the application and record a fresh video; choose the video in which you want to apply the reverse effect.
  • Next, play the video on your app.
  • Once it has been played, click the “Effects” button shown at the bottom of the app.
  • You will be provided with the option of “Reverse,” now click the button.
  • The video will be played backward on your mobile.
  • If you are satisfied with the effect, press the save button to save the video having the reverse effect.
  • Now you can see your favorite TikTok video in the reverse mode. If you want to post it on your account, go ahead and see the reaction of your followers.

The reverse effect will make your video unique and attractive, but an external editor provides you with better possibilities. For example, you may reverse someone else's TikTok video, audio, or one clip using an online tool available on the internet like Kapwing. It could be another best option if the reverse effect isn't functioning well in TikTok. Let’s see in the below segment how it works.

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Reversing the TikTok videos using Kapwing, An Online Software

Kapwing is an online resource that you do not need to download; instead of downloading it on your gadget, you can visit the website. However, it is frequently used since it has various features such as video creation, reversing video, filtering, etc. To utilize this online tool, read the instructions below.

  • Open Kapwing’s reverse video page.
  • Now load the TikTok video clip on the website into which you want to implement the reverse effect. You may upload the video instantly from your device, although you are on Kapwing’s website.
  • When the video is uploaded, you will be provided with the Reverse speed option, from which you have to pick the appropriate speed.
  • Next, you will be offered the option to edit and add a watermark to the footage.
  • Modify this TikTok video as you want to, and then click the "Create" button.
  • The video will be stored, and now you can see the TikTok videos with the reverse effect. Also, you can upload it on your TikTok profile for a better view.

The techniques outlined above are simple and will assist you in reversing other people's TikTok videos, in case you want. You will see exciting and fantastic TikTok videos by using this particular effect, 'Reverse.'

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I hope this helps.

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