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TikTok Account Suspended: How to Regain Your Suspended TikTok Account

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in how to
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If your TikTok account is suspended then this is one of the most in-detailed guides about getting your TikTok account back.

TikTok Account Suspended: How to Regain Your Suspended TikTok Account
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Before getting to the tips on how to regain your suspended TikTok account, first find out the reasons why the account may be suspended. There are two major reasons discussed in the article below.

Reasons that lead to account suspension on TikTok

In several cases, the user’s fault may be the reason why your TikTok account gets suspended either permanently or temporarily. Before you create your account, a necessary step is to agree to the terms and conditions of TikTok or community guidelines under which the account might be permanently or temporarily suspended.

In case of any violations of community guidelines according to the agreed terms and conditions, the full authority lies on TikTok to take the step of permanently or temporarily suspending your TikTok account.

Uploading Questionable videos on TikTok

The videos you upload include some factors that might break TikTok Community guidelines namely the sale or use of weapons on your video, graphic content like violence or human-like physical violence, use or sale of drugs in the video, graphic content like violence against animals including one that features the slaughtering of real animals, promotion of criminal activities of any kind like kidnapping, assaulting, robbery, and other crimes, harassment, and bullying, social evils like child abuse, activities like self-harm, suicide, and other dangerous acts, sexual activities like adult nudity in the video, featuring any hate speech against religious groups, politicians, or any other community, or inclusion of any signs or symbols that represent any dangerous individual or terrorist organization.

Creating an account when underage

One of the most extreme reasons that may have your TikTok account permanently suspended is creating an account when you are under 13. Therefore, the reasons mentioned above could cause permanent or temporary suspension of your TikTok account.

Misrepresentation of posts

At times, it could be the fault of TikTok since they make mistakes and suspend your account without any attempt to listen to your opinion about your uploaded video. Without knowing, you could have been shooting a video and captured things that break the community guidelines of TikTok.

Another reason why TikTok may have suspended your account was due to misrepresentation of one of your videos which appeared to be harmful and probably that wasn’t your initial intention at all.

After all the mentioned likely reasons for suspending your Twitter account, the article also mentions the type of suspension and how to unsuspended your TikTok account.

Suspension from live streaming on TikTok:

Suspension from live streaming is the most common type of suspension though other functions on your TikTok account will perform well. Additionally, the ban on live streaming happens whenever you unintentionally break some of the guidelines placed by the TikTok community.

When going on a live stream video, you need to be cautious because some acts may be too sensitive to perform in front of a 13-year-old child that is watching in the presence of the parents. The parents may not take this so well and eventually suspend your live streaming.

At times, you can be suspended by playing copyright video, music, or background music when you are online. The good thing about suspension from live streaming is that it is only of a temporary type and in case your offense is minor, you get back your account after 24 hours. If it is a major offense, however, it takes seven days to be unsuspended.

How to unsuspend live streaming suspension?

Steps to uplifting your suspension from live streaming include first, open your TikTok app. Search for the app on your phone and tap on it. In case you haven’t logged in to your account, do with your account user name and password. After this, go to the profile and after you have successfully logged in to your account, go up to the bottom right corner of the phone’s screen and tap on my icon so that you can go to the profile page.

The third step allows you to proceed to the privacy and settings menu; after accessing your profile page at the top right corner, you will see three vertical dots and the vertical dots lead you to the privacy and settings page. Tap on the three dots.

The fourth step is going to report a problem. After entering the privacy and settings page on your app, proceed to the ‘about’ tab then go to place the problem. At the report on a problem page, you will discover some of the most frequent questions that are asked by most TikTok users.

You can choose from the available options to suit your problem. You can as well give feedback and get the problem to the concerned authority. In case you don’t receive the desired results by adhering to the steps above you can as well contact the TikTok community by sending mail in the wall in the following email accounts namely [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], however, you have to be polite in your mail message while them.

You can also tweet them on Twitter @tiktok_in. @tiktokcreators. The account is currently suspended when you receive the message ‘the account is currently suspended’. Your account being suspended means not being able to post any TikTok videos. Additionally, whenever someone logs in to your TikTok account, as a user you won't be able to see your username, and your number of follows, following, and likes will be replaced by the – sign.

Moreover, you can as well go live in your TikTok account. You can even tell all your followers to follow back in that specific account. In this form of suspension, you will have to wait because it will take a week to a month to uplift the account and get it restored automatically.

The reason for the type of TikTok suspension may be due to violations of some community guidelines. However, in case the level of violation isn’t that offensive, the account will be suspended temporarily if not permanently. If you feel like you haven’t done anything wrong, you can follow all the steps mentioned above immediately. In addition, you can get in touch with the concerned authority through mail or Twitter which is mentioned above.

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