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Your guide to infusing wood into your home interiors.

By Dharmendra ChaharPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

There is no home space that doesn’t suit the heat, richness, comfort and delicacy of wood furnishings. Tables, chairs, bed frames, shelves, chests of drawers, cabinets and even ornaments—the blessings of wood furnishings within the home can't be immoderate.

Most of all, wood offers a singular combination of aesthetic attractiveness and one and only structural integrity than alternative materials can’t mirror.

Why settle on wood furniture?

As alocality of nature-connected interior vogue, wood can rework the mood of an area or entire house, creating a homely, hospitable feel and an awfully 'organic' sense.

It’s conjointly not a fad—this material and has been used for furnishings construction for generations upon generations, and in and of itself offers an unaltered quality that can't be replicated. We can get these very easily from online furniture shop.

All the explanations why exploitation wood is that the most suitable option for furnishings would build a protracted and elaborated list, however here are a number of the principal ways that any furnishings theme will take pleasure in incorporating a wood bit.

Strength and Durability: Wood is, of course, a lasting and strong material and is that the good alternative for anyone searching for longevity from their furnishings.

This sturdiness ensures that wood furnishings offers glorious price for money—and do you have to ever wish to sell a chunk, solidly created, well-looked-after furnishings will maintain its price over the years.

Durability conjointly ensures straightforward maintenance. Waxing, sprucing and oiling solely has to be dole out sometimes, and is a light method.

Look and feel: wood will add a definite dignity and charm to any space, whether or not it's lighter-coloured wood or made darker hues. And once crafted by a talented skilled worker, there's infinite potential for style innovation to bring any aesthetic attract to a chunk of furnishings.

Wood is that the good thanks to winning through each its wide-ranging color spectrum, and therefore the fascinating patterns of grains and fibers. Wood may also right away bring the heat to otherwise sterile surroundings.

Sustainability: Wood that's responsibly sourced is really the sole renewable artefact around—trees that are harvested for his or her wood may be replenished by new growth. what is a lot of, the carbon footprint that results from the assembly and process of wood product is drastically not up to that for alternative building materials.

And with up to fifty per cent of the dry weight of wood being carbon, they even have the capability to store carbon, one thing that’s crucial within the fight against temperature change.

Variety: On the far side the particular material, there's any selection obtainable in this each woodsman – significantly if you're shopping for from a personal craftsman – offers a distinct slant on style in step with what variety of furnishings is being created, together with preferences (yours and theirs). There's very little uniformity once it involves wood furnishings, and definitely scope to induce inventive design-wise to confirm a one-of-a-kind piece.

Versatility: Not like several alternative materials, wood appearance sensible in just about any setting. Wood furnishings may be a section of any style theme, be it fashionable or rustic, and completely different species can mix along tastily inside one space or house.

You would possibly contemplate eucalyptus tree or red gum for an outsized table and pine for a dresser: either means, these wood tones bring a seamless grace to any home.

Types of wood used:

All differing kinds of woods have distinctive signature marks that may facilitate in straightforward identification of the sort. Each hardwood and softwoods are Employed in furnishings producing, and everyone has their own specific uses.

Most ordinarily, quality furnishings is formed out of hardwood that is formed from oak, maple, mahogany, teak, walnut, cherry and birch. Highest quality wood can are air-dried to rid of it of its wet

1. Softwoods (coniferous):

  • Moreton Bay pine (Araucaria cunninghamii)
  • Araucaria araucana tree (Araucaria araucana)
  • Parana River pine (Araucaria Angustifolia)
  • Cedar (Cedrus)
  • Celery-top pine (Phyllocladusaspleniifolius)
  • Cypress (Chamaecyparis, Cupressus, Taxodium)
  • Arizona cypress (Cupressus)

2. Hardwoods (angiosperms):

  • ash – Fraxinus
  • beech - hamamelid dicot genus
  • basswood - dilleniid dicot genus
  • birch - Betula
  • black cherry - genus Prunus
  • black walnut/butternut - magnoliopsid genus
  • cottonwood - Populus
  • elm - Genus Ulmus
  • hackberry - Genus Celtis
  • hickory - Genus genusCarya
  • holly - Genus IIex
  • locust - genus Robinia and Gleditsia
  • magnolia - Genus Magnolia
  • maple - dicot genus

How to use these wood furnishings styles in your home interiors:


If you’re going for a clean, white subway tile room, prefer lighter stained or natural woods like Oak, Ash or Pine. These woods are lighter in color and complement the stark achromatic color of the room.

If you would like to travel for a velvet couch in your front room, match the richness with a deep Mahogany or Walnut table. whereas contrasts will work, it’s higher to use complementary wood tones with the color of the space. Before you start the renovation or installation, matchwood samples with the opposite textures (tile, marble, vinyl, etc) you propose to use.


Wood could be a terrible transmutation component. a pleasant ancient door, a country armchair, a vintage diwan—these furnishings will work as nice reminders of the past and add character to space.

Commixture these previous wood components with a wabi-sabi table or AN industrial table will produce an exquisite juxtaposition between the new and old wood textures. This adds depth and practicality to space and makes it lived-in as critical a clinical and unapproachable setting.


Almost any and each reasonably cloth works well with wood. A plain-woven floor covering, a linen table linen, or a cotton cushion, all of those soften the surface stiffness of wood, weaving in fluid and soft materials brings the textures along and adds to the richness of the house.


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