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Here's a popular Japanese-made hair dryer!

A hair dryer is a must-have for maintaining beautiful hair♪

By SallyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
hair dryer

Introducing a top-notch hair dryer from a Japanese manufacturer: Designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this hair dryer offers superior performance and salon-quality results.

With multiple heat and speed settings, it provides customizable styling options to suit your hair type and desired look. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable handling, while advanced features like ion technology help reduce frizz and enhance shine for effortlessly beautiful hair.

Elevate your hairstyling experience with this reliable and innovative hair dryer from Japan.

When it comes to hair dryers, this is the one you'll want to start with!

This is a popular product that many of my family and friends also use!

Panasonic Hair Dryer NanoCare with Nano-E & Mineral, Overseas Compatible, Rouge Pink EH-NA9F-RP

Panasonic hair dryer

[Product Specifications]

Achieve silky and manageable hair even while traveling with Nano-E & Mineral technology (※1).

Protects hair from UV damage and friction damage caused by brushing.

Speeds up drying time with the quick-dry nozzle.

Equipped with a voltage selector switch for overseas use.

[Power Source] AC type

[Air Volume] 1.1 m3/min (AC100/200 V・TURBO mode) / 1.2 m3/min (AC120/240 V・TURBO mode)

[Hot Air Temperature] (at room temperature 30 ℃) Approximately 100 ℃ (AC100/200 V・DRY/HOT mode) / Approximately 125 ℃ (AC120/240 V・DRY/HOT mode) (Scalp mode: Approximately 60 ℃ (AC100/200 V))

[Accessories] Set nozzle, C-2 plug adapter

[Cord Length] Approximately 1.7m

[Product Dimensions] Height 22.7 x Width 22.2 x Depth 9.1cm

[Product Weight] Approximately 620g (excluding set nozzle)

※1 Mineral refers to mineral negative ions generated from the discharge unit containing a zinc electrode.

This is also a recommended product.

TESCOM Hair Dryer Professional Protect Ion High Air Volume Quick Drying Lightweight Stand Attached Hot/Cold Automatic Switch High Durability Easy-to-Pull Plug Nobby Black NIB500A-K

TESCOM hair dryer

[Product Specifications]

・Dimensions: Height 226mm / Width 245mm / Depth 81mm (Main unit only)

・Weight: 620g (Main unit only)

・Power Consumption: 1300W

・Accessories: Set Hood (Blow type), Stand

・Power Source: AC100V 50/60Hz

・Switches: Air Volume Switch: BOOST-TURBO-SET-OFF, Temperature Switch: HIGH-LOW-COOL, Hot/Cold Automatic Switch: ON-OFF

・Foldable: No

・Hot Air Temperature: 120°C (BOOST-HIGH mode)

・Ion Feature: Protect Ion

・Easy-to-Pull Plug: Yes

・International Use: No

・Color: Black

・Warranty Period: 2 years

Next up...This is a high-performance hair dryer at an affordable price.

Koizumi Hair Dryer Monster - High Air Volume, Quick Dry, Negative Ion, Black KHD-W740/K

Koizumi hair dryer

[Product Specifications]

・High air volume of 2.0 m³/min reduces hair damage with quick drying time

・Equipped with dual fans for powerful airflow with 5-level speed adjustment for faster blow-drying

・Generates negative ions at 3 locations, cares for hair and scalp with scalp mode

・Detachable intake cover for easy maintenance

・Negative Ion: Generated at 3 locations

・Power Supply: AC100-110V 50/60Hz

・Power Consumption: 1200-1400W

・Safety Device: Temperature fuse at 142℃

・Hot Air Temperature: 90℃ (when airflow mode "2" is selected in dry mode)

・Main Switch: ON-OFF

・Mode Switching: Dry Mode / Cool Mode / Scalp Mode

・Air Volume Adjustment: 5-level speed adjustment

・Temperature Adjustment: Scalp Mode (approx. 60℃)

・Cord Length: Approx. 1.7m

・Size: Approx. 270(W)×100(D)×280(H)mm

・Weight: Approx. 665g (with concentrator)

・Accessories: Concentrator, Instruction Manual (with warranty)

TWINBIRD Care Hair Dryer - Low Temperature, Quick Dry, Beautiful Hair, Hair-friendly, Hair Care 600W, Made in Japan. [Manufacturer's 1-year Warranty] White TB-G008JPW

TWINBIRD hair dryer

[Product Specifications]

・Product Dimensions [W x D x H]: Approximately 80 × 215 × 265 mm

・Product Weight: Approximately 720 g (including power cord)

・Power Supply: AC100V 50-60Hz

・Power Consumption: 600W

・Power Source: Corded Electric

・Power Cord Length: Approximately 1.7 m

・Material: Polycarbonate

How was it? Japanese-made hair dryers are essential items to keep your hair beautiful! Please experience this joy for yourself.

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