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How Quirky can help you make your dreams come true as an inventor

Would you ever think that it would be possible to get paid for your cool inventions?

Believe it or not, it is possible. You can also combine your social online activity to increase your earnings as an inventor.

This is yet another miracle achieved through the power of today's social media, offering everyone the opportunity to participate in online inventing activities. It is very easy to become a member and get active on

The concept of Quirky is based on a combination of achieving product innovation with maximizing social participation. After a prospective inventor has submitted a product idea, the next stage is the evaluation of this idea by Quirky’s community.

In simple words, members can vote for or against a potential invention, and as the process goes through various stages, they can also participate in other aspects, such as answering questions about the features of the product. This is very similar to answering to a short consumer survey. Inventors can also vote on the look of the product, as well as set its price, name, and tagline.

Every time an inventor influences an invention, he or she earns a percentage of the earnings generated by that invention. Quirky members get paid a share of the selling profit, once those products are launched in the market.

It takes patience and a certain level of technical skill and talent to earn money and make a living as a Quirky inventor.

There are quite a few members who have earned tens of thousands of dollars on the site.

However, there are others who have earned just a couple of dollars or cents, or even nothing.

It all depends on the level of participation and influence on inventions that are turned into marketable products. You start making money when a product is sold.

You may have always had the ambition to become an inventor, regardless of your current occupation. Just go for it. You have nothing to lose; just earn. Cents can finally accumulate to dollars.

Top earners on Quirky have a portfolio of cool inventions

Making dollars from cents can take a long time, and requires patience and continuous participation. New members who wish to earn money as future inventors can get inspiration from Quirky's top earners.

One of them is Michael Cavada, an Industrial Arts teacher. At some point, he had managed to make more than $178,000 from

Cavada has influenced the making of more than 650 products, and his level of influence is quite high, with percentages ranging about 5% or even more than 40%!

One thing to notice is that he has also managed to generate sales on various products, and not just earn by making the product. As a result, his income has increased significantly.

What's the secret behind making a considerable amount of money at

Honestly, there is no such thing as a money-making secret while being a member of the Quirky community of inventors.

Of course, it helps to have some technical skills and be an expert in building devices. For example, an expert in electronics may have a solid understanding of a specific product-making process.

Technical expertise will also make it possible for you to submit unique, feasible, and marketable product ideas. It will also make it possible for you to participate and earn influence on other members' product ideas.

Submitting and influencing more product ideas can increase the chances of earning from those ideas, as a result. All you need is your product to be selected by the community, in order to be approved and designed, produced, and finally launched in the market.

This final step, i.e. the market launch of each product, takes place on an individual basis, and is the starting point for earnings to show in your balance.

Otherwise, the product development process can take a considerably long time. During this long period, you don't earn anything. So making the actual product available for sale on the market is where you start earning on Quirky's.

Perhaps the biggest factor that determines the level of your profit as a Quirky member is the amount of patience you can put in the product development process.

Top earners have waited for more than four years to see substantial annual earnings in their accounts. Once there, however, they usually enjoy residual income and make a living out of Quirky for years to come.

So don't get disappointed if you haven't earned a single cent after six months, or even a year, from the time of your registration. The more you participate, the more you will finally earn. However, this profit might take time to show.

Who can become a member of

Quirky is community that is open to all walks of life; from highly-skilled technicians and other professionals, to students, stay-at-home moms (or dads), etc.

The list is endless. Literally anyone, whether living in the United States or not, can influence new products and earn a share of the profit made from sales.

My personal experience with Quirky

My personal earnings=$36.74

I haven't submitted any ideas of my own. If I had, my earnings balance would have been possibly higher, assuming that my ideas were selected and gone into the production process.

It could be argued that this is peanuts and not worth the time spent as a prospective inventor.

On the other hand, I have enjoyed my experience, and I can boast about being an influencer of more than 100 products! Only one of those products has been put on sale so far. The future is promising though and I expect my profit to rise with time.

Of course, I wish I could be more active and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in more projects.

Unfortunately, this is beyond me, unless I go back to college and study for a technical or engineering degree. Since this is not going to happen in the near future, I am happy with my current level of activity.

Working for

Alternatively, you can get hired by the company and become part of its team of employees. is a top place to display your cool inventions and use your technical, design, manufacturing, and product development skills, as well as other relevant knowledge. Therefore, it could be the right place for you, if you have some or all of those skills and knowledge.

On top of that, Quirky is a much-promising company, with a high rate of growth.

Applying for one of the available jobs will get you in the forefront of innovative product manufacturing, and will definitely improve your creative and problem-solving skills, as well as your career prospects.

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